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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. What are the standard items you carry in your Patrol Sack please ?
  2. Sweets..and lots of them!
  3. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Spare socks, spare/section ammo, rations, sweets, [rainproofs], spare water.

    Plus other bits and pieces if required.
  4. Wet kit, gortex suit, gortex socks and spare socks. Warm kit, softie, gloves, hat and scarf. A boo hoo box. Are the basics i carry
  5. Sqn SOP states:
    Cooking kit (incl. KFS)
    48 hrs rations
    Goretex jacket
    Bivvy bag
    Sleeping bag
    Warm kit (softie trs and jkt, woolly hat)
    2 pairs socks
    Spare DPM trousers
    Pers hygiene kit
    Spare bootlaces

    Gen. No room for link, batteries, radio, extra water or Haribo. Doesn't fit in a standard NI daysack so we've bought our own.

    Guess what? Everyone carries this in toto inside their bergans... with another daysack under the lid.

    You couldn't ******* make it up.

    (Yay for me - first non-censored swear)
  6. ^ and do your Officers adhere to said list?
  7. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    BB, what a silly question.
  8. A sleeping bag in the daysack? I had one of these in mine, and you can get really compact doss bags like this, but trying to cram the bouncing bomb into an NI pack is daft.
  9. No Regiment Officers on my RAuxAF Sqn, but I've never seen an NCO carrying anything more than a bacon sandwich anyway.

    This is the latest incarnation, updated for our annual camp in Cyprus later this year. You know Cyprus - just like Otterburn or Warcop.

    Technically off thread but this is the rest of the list:

    On person ID card
    Notebook & pen
    Right Map Pocket: Yellow cyalume
    Cas card (9 liner)
    Latex gloves
    Belt Order 6 x magazines
    Bayonet frog
    Wpn cleaning kit
    Emergency rations
    30m string
    Cam cream
    2 x sandbags
    2 x water-bottles
    1 x infrared / 2 x blue / 2 x green cyalume
    Pers 1st-aid kit
    Pers Minefield Extraction Kit

    4 pairs socks
    4 pairs pants
    Spare DPM trousers
    Goretex trousers
    Spare torch batteries
    Roll mat
    Extra rations
    Main pers 1st aid kit
    Spare wpn oil (OX24)
    Basha (incl. bungies & pegs)
    Boot cleaning kit
    2 x black bin bags

    Regiment role (stop sniggering) is mounted patrols, so all your shit is on/in a wagon. Osprey precludes carrying that much on your person (webbing).

    We are tasked for footsies and do train for them - that ******* 'daysack' now has no room for my link let alone any 'section' kit so I'm going to have to get side-pouches added. Already bought a smaller sleeping bag and chopped my mat down.

    Bah. See how long it lasts in practise.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    In the immortal words of Sgt Elias - "You're packing too much stuff!" (or was it shit, I can't remember)!

    Start by putting in your mission essential kit (radios, spare batteries, other heavy electronic goodies). Add a generous slug of spare ammunition, water for the duration, section kit such as stretchers etc. Once you add a set of ladders to the top of the pile you will definately decide that your sewing kit can stay back in your bergan!

    You will soon find out that you can do just fine for several days in the same pair of socks.
  11. Sorry still getting used to the functions - all I normally carry is softie jkt, bivvy bag, cut-down mat, 2 pairs socks, 24 hr rats and the rest belongs to link and section kit.
  12. Are you sure this isnt your bergan packing list?
  13. prob changed since i left 4 years ago however this is what i used to carry in uk or europe on ex

    spare socks and powder
    warm kit
    24 hours rations

    section kit
    spare ammo
    etc etc

    i would imagine now on ops it would be water, food, ammo, ammo and ammo plus any mission specific kit

    as a buckshee in a rifle company kit lists were exhaustive and shite, as a recce platoon soldier it become more practical

    look at the other thread named reality of kit and ops or something like that
  14. A small under-age Thai girl (boy) and some duct tape to keep her (him) quiet.
  15. ammo and lots of it...and link, at least 800 7.62...possibly some water and scoff. what else do you need!