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Has anybody tried modifying the issue patrol pack to fit zips for bergen side pouches? Does it work? My other option is to buy one of the ready made versions from Silvermans, but i'd rather save the cash.

Also, has anybody come up with a better method of attaching the issue Camelbak to the patrol pack other than simply stuffing it under the lid? I wondered about getting clips sewn onto the front as per the issue bergen. Anybody tried that?


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I've seen the patrol pack have two sets of zips on each side, one set for the original pockets, and one set for the rocket pouches. Looks like a good mod as it is then quite modular. It also had compression straps on each side. Seemed like a good mod

The clips, like on the bergan, were on both sides too, so I guess you could attach your cambelback like that. Personally, i put it in the main compartment right up on my back, like if i was wearing it.

Hope this helps.
I would have thought that the patrol pack isn't deep enough to mount daysacks on the sides, but if it works, fine. I fixed male nexus clips to the loops on the hood with cable ties and to the loops on the bottom with utility straps, and this allows me to mount anything with female clips on; daysack, Camelbak etc. A very useful mod is a black acrylic semi-circle cable-tied to the top; vital for finding your pack from a pile of thirty chucked off the back of a lorry but doesn't need to be removed before going on ex (unlike a strip of reflective tape)

A lot of people fit nexus clips (obtainable free from ITW Nexus website) to the shoulder straps. Might be useful, but only if you can cope with the people around you unclipping them every five minutes to pi$$ you off...
Yaawn, let's all talk about modding kit! Again. Actually let's not. Why don't you lot just buy a sewing machine or better still get a girlfriend and get out!
This was my first attempt at using forums or indeed any interweb chat thingy (due to being somewhat Luddite and Yorkshire in technological aptitude), so please forgive any social faux pas. Not wishing to bore Lady Macbeth further, i remain grateful for any phots of these mods, but otherwise I shall mostly STFU!
I'm pretty certain that one of the "Gucci" companies made a bergan along the same lines as the NI patrol pack with side zips; SASS, Artkis?

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