Patrol Pack

A mate of mine is in the TA (I'm in the UOTC, she was aswell, but left to join the TA), and she asked me the other day about NI Patrol packs, as she'd find one quite useful. I've got one myself as I saw one really cheap on Ebay and thought I might as well, it's come in handy.(I realise that some of you may take the piss out of a UOTC person having a NI patrol pack, it's probably fair comment!).

I've been looking again on Ebay for her, and I can't see anything around the price that she'd be willing to pay, I don't think she wants to pay more than 35(I got mine for 25 inc P+P). Anyone have any suggestions for where she can get one for a low price, or is she just going to have to lump it.

Thanks in advance. (Also, hoping this is the right forum)
Have a look for karrimor or highlander stuff. They seem pretty popular. I had a cheap 35ltr one that was like the tardis for fitting stuff in but can't remember what it was. I just use a NI one now.
I have a brand new issued 42lt patrol pack in desert cam, she can have that for £35 plus P & P
Have got any pic's of your mate naked ? If so I mite have a sack she can have for £30
Thomasaurus - I'll mention that to her, see what she thinks.

Polar - Pretty much yeah. Doesn't hurt to have a bit of background.

Waffen - Think she'd want it in DPM, cheers anyway.

Thecoops - Sadly not, mores the pity.
Chalky, check your PMs.

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