Patrol Competition and Combat Cadet

Last year I was part of a team helping with the 3Div Cadet Patrol Competition! Does anyone who has done either of the competitions have any stories, info or view on Cadet Competitions?
I went on them as a cadet and found them really good fun and something to aim and train for and so do most of the cadets I have talked to but do you think they are a useful for training?


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Er, dunno if this is any use, but I attended the CCF (RAF) Ground Training Comp for a couple of years. We had a very nice Reg Sgt who got us kit, and sold us all a pair of Oxford type shoes for £2. The special thing was they had Tornado Nose Cone Paint( alledgedly) on 'em so they were shiny as f*ck.

We can second in the regional heats (South East) but didnt come anywhere in the nationals, due to the fact that we had discovered that the shiny shoes had exciting reflective properties when deployed near female cadets, and their skirts :oops:
SCoy said:
The special thing was they had Tornado Nose Cone Paint( alledgedly) on 'em so they were shiny as f*ck.
The RAF regiment are known for doing this though. Yeah, they may look "shiny as f*ck", but you look like a right tool when suddenly one day it cracks and the whole toe cap shell comes straight off.


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I was 16 at the time, so foward planning wasn't really in my vocabulary :D Plus, they gave us a nice thin cardboard box and some tissue paper to keep them nice and snug :roll: I've had more protection when...well you get the idea :lol:


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:D Getting back on thread, the competitions can be good for creating a elite 'team' of cadets, that are good at drill, shooting etc etc. While this normally would be a bad thing, I found that because the team comprised all ranks, it created a number of people throughout the ranks (and years as this was a CCF) who were good at these things. Thus when it came to camp, and sections or contingent drill, there were good cadets throughout all the ranks, not just the SNCO/JNCO's. Also, it helped the cdets get to know each other better (crucial in a CCF, since year groups don't usually mix outside of it)

General advice would be start with a good drill team and work up. Oh, and get one or two good shooters, and fit people. Thus you have shooting, PT and drill sorted. Any other tasks can be learnt eg CT's, First Aid.

If you have any specialist (eg First Aid trained people) make sure you put them in the right group! This is solved by talking to your team and making sure they know what they are doing.

This leads me onto my next point motivation - the main point for the cadets is to enjoy it!

Hope this helps, coz I dont know what style the Cadet comp takes in your case

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