Patriotism is back.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. The pendulum is starting to swing back. Despite the government's best efforts.

    Edited to highlight the bit I liked best. :D

    Edited by PTP because we do not hold a re-publishing agreement with the Telegraph.
  2. Maybe the Forces will finally get some proper support.
  3. It was on the local BBC radio this morning and I was mightily pleased to hear that "freedom to say what we think" was on the top of the list. :)
  4. Fantastic article.

    This is why i subscribe to their website.

    Inciteful, measured and thought provoking!

    I especially liked the following...

  5. More please, much more.
    Great stuff.
  6. Okay..... :D

    From the same site.

  7. Ow Joy awol. I can feel a visit to the Bowling club comming on. Full of like minded tw@t's like me.

    'Damn this bitter, cigar old chap...'
  8. I can never understand people talking about the British drinking 'warm' beer - we just drink it at a cool temperature (kept in cool cellar) rather than chilled until you taste no flavour. For septic beer chilling is important as it conceals the fact that beer has no flavour and little alcohol.
  9. 'Well Hazar and Hurah!'

  10. But this is Fungus the Bogeyman's new heirarchy of rights:

  11. I'll always fly the flag for britain, from my retirement home in New Zealand that is. Good old Blighty. Nice to visit, wouldn't want to live there though.
  12. The right to have an ID card? S'cuse me, but isn't that rather a duty? Is that politicians wrapping bitter pills in cotton candy? Naught against ID cards, have had a piccie one all my life, but DNA, iris scan, fingerprints and other Orwellian "Big Brother" shite that leaves the possibility of governmental abuse wide open? Uhm... can't see that as a right. Weird.

    However, being proud of one's country & origins is a good thing.
  13. In my book it isn't a duty either - it's an unnecessary, ineffective and intrusive obligation being foisted upon us by a power mad govt which was voted in by a minority of the electorate. :evil:
  14. Anyway, back to patriotism. Does the front page of today's Daily Express (27th July 2005) reflect the new patriotic feeling sweeping through the nation? I won't repeat it here, but check it out - and if this doesn't smack of stirring up anti-Muslim intolerance and hatred, then I'm a Dutchman.

    I suppose when you're the owner of a patriotic newspaper like this and you 'earned' £1 million a week last year, you feel above considerations such as 'will publishing this shite cause murderous lunatics to set fire to mosques?'
  15. Tw@t.