Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bedpan2zero, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Just watched 'extreme makeover' on UK Style (cos the wife was before I get lamped)

    US Soldier who lost his leg in Iraq. Married with two kids - struggling.

    Said team turn up - send him and family off for a week.

    Team demolish his house and rebuild it - beautiful job, brilliant wacky kids rooms, 600 gallon sea aquarium in the living room

    Walk in shower en-suite in the master bedroom - especially adapted for him. They built an indoor gym for him for his rehab.

    The team really went to town on this house - i had tears in my eyes.
    All the neighbours were out (more like the whole town) all cheering. They put a flag pole in his front garden - the stars and stripes came from a camp in Iraq.

    Soldiers wife is doing a masters degree in social work, so that she can use what she learned during her hubbies time in the army to assist and repay the army community.

    The team got his morgaged paid in full for them, got the university where wife studies to wave the course fees.

    The pride and emotion was so evident.

    This family have been hit hard - and they want to get up and help fellow service personnel and their families.

    Its easy to knock the Yanks, cos they are annoying so and so's at times - but this town openly showed that they were proud of this man serving his adopted country.


    If this was filmed in the UK,

    what would the reaction be?

    would the neighbourhood be out cheering and supporting??

    would the family just get Carol Smilie to decorate their front room like a turkish whore-house??
  2. Its not like that everywhere in America, just finished a book about the National Guard in Iraq and their return, one soldier slashed, others verbally assaulted, soldiers feeling let down, attempted suicides, drug dependency etc etc
  3. sadly true - I met a Yank who was ex-infantry and he said as soon as he said he's ex army when looking for jobs in New York they said no :(
  4. It's the same wherever you are, there are some who are positive towards the armed forces (both here and in america) and some who aren't. although in general the yanks seem to be far more supportive of their troops than we are.

    perhaps this is the one area we could learn a lesson from them?
  5. Bedpan2zero,chances are that if it happened in my town it would be either burgled or vandalised within a couple of months