Patriotic flag ,please copy & display

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. Very 'American' IMHO.

    WE British do not need such trashy brashness as flag waving. Our resolve is more discrete.
  3. Bolloc£s lf !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one spike.....
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Actually,the flag was mede up by a Mexican member & i dont think it's trashy,just are you saying that all the flags that were flying from houses,cars,ect ,during the world cup was trashy too?And all the Union Jacks flying all around Protestant areas of N.Ireland are trashy too?In that case,all the memorials to the fallen must be trashy for also flying flags.
  5. ditto , the sentiments are there and who are we to rubbish such gesture of support, accept it in the spirit it was given.
  6. I applaud all things like this but have one concern; hotels in London bumped their prices up in the knowledge people could not get home. I just hope some little cnut is not making these flags on the wings of profit making from a tragedy.
  7. World cup Flags. Trashy - Yes.
    Why? The only time people decide to be patriotic is for football.

    Protestant Flags. Trashy - Yes and an insult.
    Why? When they are first hung, they do look errr smart (slighty different reasons for them flying if you know anything about the situation over there). The reason I find it insulting is, the majority of Union Flags in protestant areas are tatty, shabby, ripped and generaly only fit for the bin due to the lack of pride in their care and up keep. (At least the Nationalists do have a sense of pride in the Tricolour).

    Memorial Flags. Trashy - No. A simple, unmolested Union Flag is the biggest symbol of the spirit and resolve of the British Nation. It doesnt need glib little statements or obvious catch phrases to get whatever message across.

    This is more to my taste but each to their own.

  8. Christ he's off on one again.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I take it you have been to Belfast recently then????
    No! Did'nt think so....
    oh,forgot to add...I live there!
  10. I'm with Flash on this one, I found it hugely irritating, all the fcuking hooligans waving the Union Flag around during the silly football season. Half of the ignorant tw ats had them upside down too.

    Incidentally, the geometry in the flag linked to in the first post is all wrong.


  11. I feel really uncomfortable doing this, and have called the local Psych wing to put em on standby, but I actually agree with Flashy on this one!

    Yes, the gesture of support is nice.

    Yes, it's nice that someone has taken the effort to produce this for someone elses country.

    Yes, "Flying the Flag" is appropriate as a symbol of Patriotism and unity.

    BUT, this is more akin to a Franklin Mint Commemorative plate. I (we) have a flag, I do not normally fly it from my house, and I do not feel a need to suddenly start now, especially with a customised version.

    I'm British (well, English first) and just about anywhere in the world I'll be recognised as such. Part of what MAKES us recognised is that we don't indulge in shows of this sort - we simply get on, get the job done, and return to our lives. Without hysterics. As was witnessed yesterday in London, as it was through countless IRA attacks over the years, and as it was during the last war.

    THAT is what identifies us as British, not a flag.


    added.... That is, of course, In My (Immensely Proud) Opinion
  12. So let's all sit down and be quiet then. Are we talking about hooligans waving flags in the "silly football season". NO. Disagree you may but again I applaud anybody who stands up and says a big fcuk off to those involved in the action of terrorism, even if their flag is upside down and in whatever way they choose to. I have seen many a union flag upside down by mistake in military establishments where people should know better. Do you think Joe Public is better versed and should know? They do it because they felt they need to but more importantly, want to. So when you sit in your fcuking armchair watching the news where people wave flags in defiance, think, just think, why they feel it necessary to do so. Are you going to call them ignorant twats and discuss the geometry of their flags. You find it irritating to see people waving flags. Quite frankly, you are a prick. If you ever catch fire, I hope I have had a piss earlier.
  13. Watertight, its called a differing opinion. Give it a chance.
  14. I did and now realise my expectations. You are a MOD, you abuse your position and are quite simple. Anyway back to the thread......
  15. I am with Flash too!

    Do not follow the herd; Buffalo do that and they are "American" too.