Patriotic Dolphins Enlist for Persian Gulf Duty

It'll all end in tears. When they tried this before, the dolphins would surface with a stonefish mine balanced on the end of their nose which they'd chuck onto the deck of the nearest ship. Then they had the cheek to demand fishy treats.
I did hear that the septics were training dolphins to swim towards Iranian subs and surface ships with explosive charges attached to them.

An updated version of the anti tank dogs of WW2.
They didn't need opposable thumbs they had a pack of bangstuff attached to them fitted with a tilt switch which was tilted when they ran under a Sov tank.

Hot dog anyone?
Although of course they weren't supposed to run under Soviet tanks being as they were released by Soviet anti tank soldiers. They'd forgotten that the German tanks didn't smell like Soviet tanks so the dogs went to look for food under the tanks they were used to finding their food under.