Patrick Mercer's Hangover

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by billybongo, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Sometimes I just wish our politicians would tell it like it is (I know, I know....). Everyone and his dog knows that Mercer cannot stand Cameron, so it is hardly news. It disappoints me that he (Mercer) appears to be denying the comments.
    For what it is worth, I like Mercer and I have been monumentally disappointed with how our current PM has turned out. Hopefully he will realise sooner rather than later what party he is actually the leader of.
  2. A particularly imaginative denial might include mentioning that Rory Bremner was definitely on the guests list.
  3. Rather a shame Paddy has blown it again. We appreciate honesty, but that booze soaked comment alone will nail him to the back benches where as he could be doing a spirited role in the Defence portfolio. Paddy get a grip, kiss and make up with DC and help this shower sort things out - they need your help!
  4. Good God! This will never do: An honest MP with a mind of his own and a liking for a chota peg or two.

    Let's face it - Call Me Dave is a knob. And a dangerous knob at that. He has binned his 'roots', forgotten who put him where he is now and is as gutless as the rest of them. Shame on you Cameron, you spawny eyed wazzock.
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  5. Don't fret - we've still got that pillock Bob Stewart and his gargantuan ego to save us all.
  6. DC and Mercer come, as any fool knows, from two starkly different backgrounds. And Mercer has a chin, and a lunchpack, according to the wife.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    But by what fariy-tale stretch of the imagination could be imagined that someopne with Mercer's background and military service could have one shred of respect for the spiv Cameron? Cameron either doesn't care about respect or has yet to learn that it has to be earned, not demanded.

    Pie-eyed or not, I thought Mercer's rather mild comments were spot on.
  8. And what can DC do about it, Patrick is already on the back benches so he's got little to lose by not towing the party line and not being a yes man.

    The only move for DC is to give Patrick something he can lose, even then that's not going to keep someone like Patrick from saying something just to save his political neck.

    Chief Whip could be an interesting choice or speaker!
  9. Couldn't have put that better.
  10. Good man! Cameron is a complete and utter cnut.
  11. Probably a burra peg or two if he was REALLY slagging the boss off like that in public.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    God 'elp us! Bonkin' Bosnian Bob of Beckenham: one of the stupidest people I think I've ever met.
  13. Bonkin Bob of Beckenham

    Did sneeringly reply

    Keep yer yoghurts on yer float

    I'm armed with me ole skule tie

    Bonkin Bob stretched out his tie

    And stood with baited breath

    "Thank gawd" said Ted fromhis milk float

    "I feared you'd talk me half to death"
  14. That's much more of a crime than anything Mercer may have said.