Patrick Mercer MP Has Resigned The Tory Whip

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Just breaking of the Guardian's website with more info to follow.

    Former defence minister Patrick Mercer resigns Conservative party whip. More details soon … (c) Y Grauniad

    Not sure if this is over Europe or some other matter that has been bothering the party recently.
  2. Jumping before being pushed.
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  3. That requires a modicum of honour.
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  4. A newspaper sting related to lobbying on behalf of Fiji. Going to continue as an independent MP apparently. Will Nigel Farage be giving him a call do you think?
  5. What? Farage come foraging? He may do.
  6. Not sure that Farage would be that keen on recruiting him.

    'Look! We've recruited a man who is now being painted as being corrupt* and who was sacked for making racist remarks! We're nothing like the Tories say we are!'

    It appears, according to the Guido Fawkes site, that two Telegraph journalists (whose names, I think, are associated with a similar sting - pretty young things flirt with 50-something politician, get him to say/do something a bit dodgy...) set him up and confronted him, whereupon Mercer blabbed to the Times to spoil the Telegraph story. Some sources seem to have got wind of the resignation and assumed that he was joining UKIP...

    * Which Mr Mercer almost certainly will be portrayed as being by the press through an admixture of innuendo, rumour, auto-suggestion, implication and possibly, just possibly, employment of hard facts - but even if the latter don't exist in a manner that would stand up in court, that's the way he'll be presented to the gawping consumers of media that the nation has become. Not even an appearance as the butt of all jokes on Have I Got News For You is going to help him in the near future...
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  7. Farage presumably had no hesitance in recruiting Neil Hamilton. By comparison Mercer is a saint.

  8. Depending on which news source you use, He might have to wait until Mr. Mercer is paroled.
  9. Sadly we live in an age of trial by press.
  10. Yes - but this was well after Hamilton had ceased to be an MP and had stopped appearing in arrse-tighteningly embarrassing PR stunts with his wife and the reason for his downfall had slipped out of the public conscience.

    Hamilton re-emerged in 2011, 14 years after Martin Bell kicked his backside at the 1997 election, and his last notable TV stunt had been some years after that. In fairness to the Hamiltons, they seem to have calmed down a bit after Neil was accused of rape - an entirely false accusation which saw the woman making it go to jail for perverting the course of justice, and which obviously had a bad effect on both Hamiltons for the couple of years that dealing with the case took. ISTR remarking in the early days of this site that not even the Hamiltons deserved that.

    So Mercer would be a good candidate for UKIP in about 2023 at that rate, but his motivation for spiting Cameron will have gone, since dear old Dave will be Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton and Misrata, wheeled out to comment on the ineptitude of what is then left of the Lib Dems and trashing Clegg's reputation even further with barbed bon mots to Kate Silverton/Fiona Bruce in interviews.
  11. According to the Telegraph it's down to them and it'll be in tomorrow's paper. He's also standing down as an MP
  12. At the next election, rather than instantly denying himself use of the expense account.
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The suggestion I have heard (and it is only a suggestion) is that he's broken the rules on lobbying by asking questions in parliament without disclosing he had a financial interest in the answers - i.e. was being paid as a consultant in that area.

    If true (and that remains to be proven) that would explain why he has resigned the whip and said he won't stand at the next election - he's a dead man walking.

    That said, if Mercer has transgressed and resigned in consequence, he will have shown he has the moral courage to do the right thing - not an accusation that can be levelled against a number of his fellow MPs.

  14. Has yet another one been caught with his hand in the till? At least, as a Tory, he's being consistent with his professed political ethos.
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  15. If, under those circumstances, he were immediately to stand down as an MP, I might agree with you. I'll wait and see how this plays out, I think - not least because the latest news bulletin I've heard (BBC[?] via my missus) says he's threatening legal action, and that the publication of the investigation may have go on hold as a result.