Patrick Leigh Fermor - Travellers Century BBC4 21.00 7-8-08

björn said:
Very interesting documentary. All his books are well worth a read too!
Ill met by moonlight, which, while not written by Paddy Leigh Fermor himself, tells of the abduction of the German General Kreipe in Crete and is a good read and PLE's involvment in the operation.
I considered the programme well worth my tv licence for this year at least.
What a character. I hadn't properly appreciated that there is still a publishing house in London where Byron, Freya Stark and Paddy walked through the same portals to proffer their books.

Ill Met by Moonlight was also a movie starring Dirk Borgarde in PLF's role. Lovely, understated man. Damn, given another shot at life, I'm coming back to lead the style of life he deemed. Still going strong at the age of 92 and sharper than a bag of scorpions.

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