Patrick Leigh Fermor - BBC documentary on IPLAYER

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Aug 17, 2008.

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    This is excellent. Even without Leigh Fermor's outstanding service with SOE in Crete, his story would be fascinating. The action that lead to his DSO is the stuff of legend.

    Watch it while it's still available!
  2. This was highlighted by Gallowglass on the Films etc Forum. Highly recommended as a programme. Some character.
  3. Caught the tail end of a news report last night on PLF co-authoring a book with the Dowager Dutchess of Devon , one of the Mitford girls , well senior citizen these days.

    They corresponded over a number of years, attended the same social gatherings and exchanged views on the great and good of the land (s). Missed the book title, but I'll source today.

    (Thought about putting it in the 'book' forum, however as this thread has his name already, why not here)
    they are signing the book in Hatchards on Thursday lunchtime - I will try to get along
  5. Thanks for that Poppy :D
  6. Will I be seeing you Thursday evening anyway?
  7. But of course. Same RV / Time :D
  8. Poppy: Check your PMs (do you still want the auction item?)

    another event - I am quite tempted
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