Do they represent VFM in supporting and defending the trade or have they become slaves to the IEDD Guru to the expense of all other things ammunition. Should we have retained DLSA and all it stood for and did? Discuss.
PANTO... he's behind you, oh no he isn't, oh yes he is ETC......
I agree we should never have lost the DLSA by rank - although I feel whats in a name. If he was to be only concerned with those things ammunition, then he would surely be out of a job now as everything is becoming contract managed, sale or return and civilian disposal due to environmental issues and cost.

As for IEDD, it never has been the be all and end all, but we are good at it (or at least better than the yanks) and have vast amounts of operational experience. If you look at the civilian sector, then most companies and risk assessors etc are IEDD and BCMD driven as those are the things which sell and as such bring in the money.

I've already bored people with the fact that we should be pushing to include more CMD/BCMD etc as this is were we are loosing the fightto other agencies (not just RE).

Personnally though its Friday and won't care again until Monday when I have too (or look like it anyway).
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