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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by walter_mitless, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. deleted by User.
  2. you forgot to put that you're 47 on this one :)
  3. Are you into older men then? He's not specified which sex, so go for it! :p
  4. you obviously missed his painful earlier effort. so shush woman :)
  5. Has anyone, ever, got any kind of sensible response off one of these things?

    Walter: try Union Street :D
  6. Not from what i've read.
  7. Busy carer and counsellor???????

    Call me a cynical, but if that aint a "line" then nothing is.

    Getting old sucks, because life is full or reality and you can spot the bull a mile off.

    Or maybe I am wrong?

    Thought about that, nah, doubt it. Good luck anyway.

  8. Youre wrong. And cynical, lol.

    Trust me girls. You'd be mad to let this one get away.

    Good on yer Walt :thumright:
  9. Something wrong with caring people then, erm, "petitebutsweet", ahem. Nice modesty there, er, erm, yes, thanks for reading. Take care.
  10. Well from how you took my original post I would definitely say you are the Sensitive Type if nothing else lol!
  11. Hi A.M. , in case you're around.
  12. Judgemental as well as cynical P_B. Slap your wrist you naughty girl.

    :thumright: Knock'em dead Walter ; )
  13. To Hartley....Hi A.M. How you doing there, girl? What are you like then, huh? ;-) Thanks for the Leicester Tigers support and the pretty well informed chats on Rugby. By the way guys, this lady is a girl with balls, humour, and a working knowledge of Rugby. Believe that?... bird, rugby, conversation, friendship. Well, ideal !!! as they say, often, loud and far far too often, in Devon.Heh heh.

    Take it easy there, Hartley :)
  14. Oh Monsieur you are toooooooooo kind LOL.

    Well, I do like to support the under dogs now and again ha ha, just kidding lol. The 'Quins' are the business, but you already knew that lol :thumright:

    Go get 'em tiger :thumright: :thumright: