Patient dies after lighting up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Weston01, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Tragic for those involved, but everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for you!
  2. Having had firsthand experience of the Northern General in Sheffield I can believe that NOBODY bothered to ask if he was a smoker and NOBODY told him that he was a walking firebomb. Sue the barstewards, I would. Smoking doesn't kill in this case, medical negligence does.

    RIP mate and have one for me wherever you are.
  3. "Nurse i'm just nipping outside to burst into flames"....... she didnt realise he ment it literally.
  4. Yer, you've got to laugh but that hospital was bad and I mean bad.

    He only had a fag because the Nicobollox patches kept falling off.
  5. He was at Doncaster Royal Infirmary when he torched himself and was then moved to the burns unit at Northern General.

    I have always found the staff at Northern General very professional and kind.
  6. Thank you, I sit corrected. Still not exactly a good advertisement for care on the fire escape.
  7. Hmmm why do you think he was on the fire escape?!? Because there is no smoking in would the staff know he was off out for a fag?!?

    It is not medical negligence, was not the medical treatment that killed him it was his lack of willpower!

    Spot the nurse.....and no I don't work in Doncaster!
  8. Wasn't there a similar case a few years back; someone sparked up a fag whilst on some intensive oxygen treatment, ended up in the big ashtray in the sky?

    As for the family of the dead suing the NHS - The guy was simply unlucky, my condolences to his family, friends and his tobacconist.


    Apparently he was told not to smoke by a nurse but he didn't hear the advice as he was listening to the "yeah yeah yeah song" on his Walkman. :lol:

  9. i doubt it, oxygen isnt actually flamable, it just supports combustion.
    my boss at the metalwork factory proved it by holding a fag in a stream of oxygen vapor, and it made it burn very hot, and very quickly!

    as far as the poor cnut that caught himself alight goes, unlucky, but if he was told not to smoke, and did it anyway, T.S
    if you sued for every stupid thing that happened, we'd be in America....and no-one wants that....right?
  10. I agree with F_S.

    For all we know, he may have been told NOT to smoke and he just went ahead and ignored the nurses/doctors. If so, unlucky and as they say in the Russian Navy, toughski shitski.

    If, on the other hand, he wasn't told, then well, toughski shitski again, smoking is bad for you!! And RIP....
  11. Yep. Thing is, go above a certain oxygen concentration (50% or so rings a bell, but I'm not sure) and all sorts of things start becoming extremely flammable. Bed linen for instance...
    To see just how much hotter things can get, google for the video of someone dumping several litres of liquid oxygen onto a lit barbecue. It was safe (they knew what they were doing) but very spectacular.
  12. Sorry have to disagree here. According to the article, 'hospital staff followed the correct procedures.' I have presumed therefore that he was warned about the dangers and of his own free will chose to have a cigarette.

    Some people will try and sue the NHS for anything. I've worked in the Dept of Health and had some woman complain about the terrible level of care received by her daughter at the birth of her child immediately after a c-section. Labour was fine, birth was fine, baby healthy, so far, so good. What could it be? Her daughter was 'made' to walk down three corridors after major c-section surgery dragging her own drip ... wait for it... so she could have a fag. Outrageous! Those cruel nurses!

    For someone to need a fag that badly after birth probably meant she was smoking throughout pregnancy anyway.

    Nurses are needed on wards not to babysit grown adults indulging themselves!

    Phew! glad to get that off my chest!
  13. Now he knows how Hot-Lips Houlihan felt in MASH- Fcuked by Major Burns.
  14. The first nurse on the scene was quoted as saying "It was just tragic, my marshmallow fell off the stick".