Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gorilla, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Someone at work told me that the Pathfinders has gone "All Arms", I'm interested in going for it but I'd like to know whats involved in the selection, what training you do and what the physical standards are.
  2. It has gone all arms and has been for a long time. Put your police skills to good work, phone mil enquiries, get the number and ring them!
  3. I am a young, innocent civvie and have no idea what all arms means. Could someone kindly explain with lenience on ripping the shit out of me?
    I would guess it means that you can apply from any section in the army.
    It has been one of the sections I have been considering when I join when I’m 18
  4. Correct, it means that any cook, loggie or bottle washer can apply, in days of old PF was Para Regt (and guards I think) only but its bee All Arms for eons, I know, a PF officer tried to recruit me in 93, so its been AA from at least then
  5. PF is now Tri-Service having been All Arms for the past 10 years. In 1999 there were 11 cap badges in the PF including Reg, HCR, Sigs, RE, RA, RGR, REME, RLC and Scots Guards. The cadre is 7 weeks long and is now conducted in totally in Brecon twice a year - application process is in AGAIs but POC is the Ops WO (unfortunately he's in Afghanistan for 6 months but there is a rear party!).

    Those that pass the cadre who aren't Para trained attend Basic Para asap and the cadre counts as a P Coy pass as does the Cdo cse, Camp 1 and test week.

    Cheers now show me on the map where you are......and now where you're going!
  6. Can anyone tell me what the PF have been doing recently on ops? Did they go in before the Paras in Iraq & the 'stan?
  7. And you expect an answer?
  8. Are you sure of your facts there? I'd heard that passing the Pathfinder course negates the need to attend P-company, but hadn't heard about the rest.
  9. Thats what he said, its just a little mumbled

    Passing PF means you can go straight to MPC without doing P Coy, same as doing the AACC
  10. Can anyone confirm that the above is also true for officers - i.e. can officers from any arm do PF selection? Or do PF officers have to be from Para Reg?

    Thanks in advance,

  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    What is Camp 1? Another super sneaky beaky course? :roll:

  12. the first rule of fight club... :lol:
  13. dont know what camp 1 is ether.
  14. Camp 1 is where the 43rd Special Intelligence and Counter-everything Regiment do their basic training and underwater knife fighting courses. They run it in a hollowed out mountain in Scotland. It's top secret, and I shouldn't really have said anything, so don't tell anyone.

  15. Wah. Ahem.