Pathfinders March

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by The-Goose, May 18, 2007.

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  1. A team of elite soldiers is planning to raise money for injured colleagues by marching 190 miles across Eden and South Lakeland.

    Sixteen members of the elite Pathfinders - a Colchester-based brigade - will march in full kit carrying 40lb packs through Grasmere, Kirkby Stephen and Shap.

    The team has set itself 48 hours to get from the West Cumbrian coastline to Robin Hood's Bay, in North Yorkshire - a route which would take 15 days for keen walkers. The event will consist of a four-team relay, each consisting of four soldiers marching 15 miles before handing over to the next team.

    Members of the Parachute Regiment will be shaking tins along the route and donations can be made by going to the platoon website
  2. oldbaldy

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    So each team is actually going to march 15 miles in each 60. 3 teams will march 45 miles & the fourth 55 in that 48hrs. It may take walkers longer but they do the whole 190 miles so don't try to big it up that you are going to beat them.
    But I do wish them well & hope you raise plenty.
    Oh & your link doesn't work.
  3. Not actually my link, but thanks anyway.
  4. There's a whole Brigade of Pathfinders!?
  5. I know 2 Pathfinders from Colchester.......will donate at Colchester
  6. Although unconnected, apart from name, this event is always well run and a good laugh:

    It's a 46 Mile circular walk ran by the RAF, in the Fens the event is pretty flat.
    This years event is scheduled for the 16th of June and applications have to be in by the end of the month.
  7. Done this for St Dunstans a few years ago, really good day out! Can well recommend it as a fundraising event.