Pathfinders film - Normandy .....(Yank)


New film due out this year

Pathfinders: In The Company Of Strangers is a feature-length film about a group of 82nd Airborne Pathfinders - a volunteer unit of American paratroopers whose mission is to land in the heart of enemy territory, and survive long enough to direct the coming airborne invasion of Normandy. Their only hope for survival lies in remaining undiscovered, successfully marking the drop zones, and holding off the enemy until the ensuing invasion arrives.



Will have to wait and see. I could imagine that it will be a safe bet that the Americans won the war single handed again. No mention of the Brits,Aussies,Kiwis,Poles,Canadians,Free French,etc,ect.

However,I may be wrong...........
Looks good... a pity the Brits haven't made a film on the books: "The Day the Devils Dropped In" by Neil Barber and "The Devil's Own Luck" by Denis Edwards... Two awesome books depicting the Airbourne Forces during the first few weeks of D-Day...

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