Pathfinders 9PM Skynews

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snips450, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Not sure if this has been posted before.

    Skynews are doing an hour long programme on the Pathfinders tonight at 9pm.Might be worth watching.

  2. Watched it last night - it is available on Sky's anytime TV service (until 31st Dec?)

    Was good viewing.
  3. Ditto bloody good programme! Does not show the Jackal in such a good light, fcukers kept breaking down (broken fuel pipe, Engine management system, 4x4 / transmission)

    Not what you expect for £600k a pop is it???
  4. any chance of a linky thingy
  5. Yeah any way of watching it for those peasants without sky like me?
  6. pretty poor performance really with one small concellation in that the V- Hull seemed to take most of that IED blast and the commander got out alive.
  7. Hi Richard
  8. Galletas, not wishing to be picky and yes very pleased the commander got out alive, but the Jackal does not have a V-Hull, its bottom is actually flat. what is does have is some slab armour bolted on the front and .uinder the wheel arches that give the impression that it has a V-Hull. I am honestly surprised that the reliability is possibly suspect. I know its protection leaves much to be desired being a total bolt on after thought (albeit done by a very professional company - Jankels). I really thought that apart from that failing it would be the mutts nuts. It is also a bit on the narrow side and did not seem very stable on some of the steep roads.

    (and NO I am not Richard North but do hold very similar views with regard to MoD procurement and suitability or otherwise of most of our fighting vehicles and kit generally)
  9. Ok Richard
  10. Does anyone have a link ?

    Ive watched a 4min short film from the skynews website that i assume was the first 4mins of this program

    im a pauper to,as i dont have sky
  11. Watched it this morning at 0500 hrs, riveting, but does bring home waste of £640k for a vehicle.
  12. It's much better than a WMIK, the Pathfinder that hit the I.E.D if he was in a WMIK he'd would've been much more seriously injured or even could've died

  13. Yes Richard
  14. I have to agree that the vehicle is overpriced, LMCo get a cut out of each one sold?

    BTW I'm NOT Richard either, nor is my wife

  15. He has about 6 logins on here, you and your wifes aren't one of them though :D