Pathfinder Selection

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by aza-0497, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, wondering if anyone knows anything more about the PF 's! Im currently in the Infantry and wanna give Pf selection a shot when ive completed my tour of afghan next. Does anyone know anything about PF selection and requiremnets etc and the sort of things they been doing out on recent ops like iraq and Afghan. I know that its run along similar lines to SF selection but obviously not to the same standard. I have emailed the PARAS and they said they will forward my message to the recruiting team. but have still not heard nout from em? any help would be greatful
  2. DISCLAIMER: im not pf and nothing to do with them....


    recently spent a brief brief period of time around them and had a presentation from some of them

    selection was along the lines of 6 weeks

    if you go on to youtube and search pathfinders afghan there is a suitably alley video of them giving terry a f*cking good one last year. probably all the motivation you need.

    the couple of blokes i met from the platoon were pretty mega, chilled out and would gladly talk to our blokes about what they do and have done(keeping OPSEC in mind obv!)

  3. Cheers mate
  4. Only thing I can add is: Good Luck!
  5. I believe (check!) PF now do the Hills part of SF selection with the SF applicants, but then go off to do their own thing. The way to look at it is P Coy but harder - as for their role: Deep Recce for 16AA Bde, working directly to Bde HQ. The Brigadier's own private little army as it were... Heavily PARA, they do take people from elsewhere and you don't need to have done P Coy first. Have a very high success rate for SF selection too funnily enough... I agree with other posts ref. type of bloke: chilled and professional. Good luck!
  6. Sounds like fun then, HA HA