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hi lads , first time poster long time lurker ha ,
what kind of experience ; like ... how long should you do in your battalion ? what courses should you have done ? minimum rank you should have made ??? etc before you should even consider attempting pathfinder selection so to be in with a realistic chance ?

any info or advice much appreciated
Use the search function as there is plenty of info already on here.


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I sold mine as it was too heavy on diesel, well specced though
Compared to an equivalent vehicle I find mine pretty economical. I'm averaging about 30 mpg. Compared to my Oppo's disco it's positively frugal.

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I went for the XTrail T-Spec as the PF was a bit big for my needs. Electric everything and a comfy ride. Might go for a PF when it's time for a change.

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lol cheers lads , apologies for the newbie question.
The recurring answer seems to be pass p-coy (well) and if you think you ve more left in the tank and still game then give it a crack .. sound about right ?
Ideally we need to know your capbadge first, so that we can advise on courses (ones that you are eligable for)
There's a DIN that is available that has all the info you require. The chap on the recruiting desk will answer your questions as honestly as he can if you're still after some answers.


Was yours an auto? They're thirstier.

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Yes it was an automatic and it had one of those diesel booster electronic thingys as well which is meant to give you more power which it did with better mpg
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