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Just curious what positions are available for officers in the Pathfinder Platoon. I understand that the OC is almost always a Major. What positions are available at LT and Capt.?

Also, how much experience is necessary as a platoon commander before attempting PF selection?



I assume you're not already a serving officer, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking.
Unless things have changed since it was last explained to me: OC PF is a Captain. When 16AA Bde deploys (to Afghanistan, at least) the PF Pl becomes the core of the sub-unit strength 16BRF, which is indeed commanded by a Major. I would assume that in its guise as a sub-unit, it would have a structure like any other BRF, which would include Lts or (more likely) Capts as Tp/Pl Comds. I suspect that because all of the other Army Bdes (not sure about 3X) are getting established sub-unit strength BRFs, in the shape of one of the three Sqns from their BRRs, that 16X will somehow adjust its establishment to ensure that the PF Pl becomes a PF/Recce/BRF Coy (although I suspect not based on a BRR Sqn for obvious reasons).

I should say that I have no recent insider knowledge of the 16X establishment and am more than content to be corrected by someone in the know.


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On the last PF cadre there were 2 types of pass handed out, a PF pass and a BRF pass. The ones with BRF passes were only taken on strength for the herrick tour and were to be rtu'd afterwards.
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