pathfinder platoon commander

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sevenshades, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I've been looking into the pathfinders just for some general info and was wondering if anyone knew the process for officers wanting to join. cheers
  2. The Pathfinders are part of the Paras, in fact they are part of 16 AAB.
    Expect any selection to be exactly the same as that for the Paras.

    How much do you actually know about the role? If nothing then I suggest a jog to your ACIO.

  3. Don't you have to be a part of the Paras before you get the chance to do Pathfinder?
  4. IIRC, this question was asked in a previous Thread and the answer was that Pathfinder Selection is now open to any Regular soldier.

    In practice, of course, the vast majority of Pathfinders are Paras.
  5. Have you even joined yet? If not then I suggest you concern yourself mainly with the AOSB sweetcheeks ;)
  6. Complete shite. They're a Bde asset. The selection is very similar to SF selection, and patrol members will be trained afterwards to have a certain skillset. All are trained in HALO. You do not have to be para trained to attempt selection. There is a large variety of capbadges currently serving in the Platoon.

    Edited to add that the OIC (Maj) is Para Reg but Pl Comd can be other capbadge.
  7. Not saying that you have to be a para to get in, only that the requirements are very similar. Did I not point out that they are part of 16AAB?

  8. I've already done my AOSB and have a place at sandhurst sponsored by the para's as soon as i finish university. I know what the role of the pathfinder platoon is and that the chances of actually getting in are slim to nil but all im really after is some information on the platoon commanders selection process as a matter of interest more than anything.
  9. [/quote]

    Edited to add that the OIC (Maj) is Para Reg but Pl Comd can be other capbadge.[/quote]

    All roles are up for grabs. The last OIC was a Guardsman.

    Edit to add - maybe last but one; I'm not sure if they've changed over recently.
  10. I'd listen to 5A.
  11. Two RSignal spots too.
  12. The chances of getting a Platoon Commanders slot straight out of Sandhurst is highly unlikely.

    Unless you are Arnie Schwarzenegger :D
  13. 5A is just a bloke that writes for Combat and Survival!!
  14. An expert then Jack! :D
  15. All positions less cap badge tied, (RSigs, REME), are open inc OC and Pl Comd. Previous incumbents where RRS I believe.