Pathfinder Parachute Group (other civvy jump courses?)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by honor_roll_flapjack, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Any opinions on the above? I found an old ACF policy whilst having a clearout referring to these guys that stated that Dutch B wings weren't to be worn, etc. but having been considering a civvy jumps course anyway (I have friends in Holland, they mentioned Texel), I took a look at their website.

    Done a quick search on here and found a brief reference to Ian Marshall, but not sure on whether it's viewed positively or not. The custom badges and berets seem a bit... strange... as does the obvious reference in the name.

    Thrown in the NAAFI so I can get some honest opinions.

    And if they are a bit odd, who would you recommend?

    Edit - this is the post I was referring to - so good guys then?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I know people who jump with them, and have done for several years. I have also seen them jumping into Arnhem. Lots of experienced people in there, but also lots of bluffers and many aspects of their operation appear a bit bodged - there are elements of their med cover plans that leave a lot to be desired.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
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  3. .............................................The Duke is absolutely correct.

    Ian Marshall is the real deal & he is one of the many genuine blokes there.

    However,in amongst the pukka ones, are some very serious bluffers & walters.
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Look on facebook for the Thruxton Parachute club page - plenty of photos on there of Ian in his youthful splendour ;-D. I've jumped with him, he is indeed the real deal, and I wouldn't bat an eyelid at doing it again.

    As for his muckers . . . couldn't say.

    BUT, if you jump with him, it'll be a military-style S/L job. Scary enough for a first-timer, I guess, but - personally - I'd say it's a bigger challenge to master the sporting style on your first lob, plus you get more altitude, and a more modern ram-air canopy to play with.
  5. I'll also vouch for Ian and Roy Mobesby - known them both for .........Jesus !!..34 years !!
    They are indeed both the real deal and are the administrators of Pathfinder.
    I would guess that a few of the hangers-on like dressing up in uniform, eating pies and practicing 100 yard stares ...but you will have a right laugh and good training from Ian and Roy.
  6. Thanks for the honest feedback guys. It's pretty clear from the branding who they're riding on the coat tails of, and I just wanted to check it was a homage rather than a walt.

    It's probably going to be next spring by the time I actually get round to having enough time off in one place, but this is a helpful start. Any other recommendations? I'd like a "package", rather than a solo tandem jump, I could get that easily enough from a charity. I'd like to go a few times, ideally.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Find a decent skydiving club relatively close to you.

    You will take steps towards gaining a real qualification, and if you get the bug you will be able to carry on.

    TEXEL et all are fine if you want to jump old military style kit from a variety of crap airframes, but has limited options beyond that.
  8. Hi guys. I appreciate this is an old thread but its just been brought to my attention so I thought I better answer it. Cant leave it hanging like this. Firstly the last time someone slagged us down (Pathfinder) on here it turned out to be Graham Taylor who you now have in your Waltpedia gallery as one of the biggest walts of all time so I'm wondering if Duke is not the same person using a different name? At that time it was proven that all our senior people are the real deal. All personnel within our club who profess to be former Para are checked with Para data and if your a real Para Duke you will know that you cant get on Paradata unless you are checked out through Para reg and Airborne Forces records. Are you on there Duke? Now to answer your comments and questions. Pathfinder is a parachute club, nothing more nothing less. We train our jumpers in a military style parachute course not a sports parachutist course. Is that what you have done Duke?. Much of our ground training is carried out in the same way as many of us real Paras were taught at both Abbingdon and Brize. Please check out Course overview on our web site.
    Most Military trained Parachutist/Paratroopers do not want to go onto freefall and in the UK that's the only option they have as the BPA have done away with round parachutes. So we are the premier round parachute club of England and we are based in Holland .Go figure. We fill the gap between military parachuting and Sports parachuting. Now Duke some time ago on another page you slagged our medical cover down so drawing conclusions from that your a medic attached and you have done some sport parachuting. Just to let you know that we have a Full Col who is a Harley St Surgeon,several Paramedics (Civilian qualification not RMA 3) and several highly trained nurses in our ranks.Last time you failed to answer my questions Duke but I see you on several threads and you seem to be opinionated on many subjects so I guess your also an armchair warrior. We find that the people who usually slag us down are people we have rejected from the course through being unsuitable or you may even have failed to jump and hold a grudge. As for your info being slightly out of date we have not used Texel since 2004 but have been based at the Dutch National Parachute Center at Teuge which is to Holland what Netheravon is to the UK. You dont get based there unless you know what you are doing Duke. Have you jumped there? All of our senior instructors hold British BPA and Dutch KNVVL qualifications. We have trained riggers, parachute packers, DZ crew and medics. We would not be able to operate if we did not come under the rules of the host country and were safe. We jump military style for fun. Fun Duke? No weapons containers make it fun. Have you jumped with a weapons container Duke? Another part of our training is in preparation for anniversary jumps into War time DZs. A few that we have clocked up are Bruneval, Sannervill, Merville, John Frost bridge, Ranville,Ginkle Heath, Renkum Heath, Dreil,etc I could go on but if your a sports parachutist this means nothing to you however the real Paratroopers on here will be impressed. We are not re-enactors although we do have some in our ranks.These people are not wannabes as they have put their money where their mouth is and having been trained by us jumped into various war time DZ so they at least could say they have got their 'knees in the breeze' and gone that extra mile to find out a bit more about the Paras they portray. Now Duke, I expect you to do what you did before which is run a mile and not answer this thread. I will make you an offer that I made before and which you failed to take up. If you are an experienced Parachutist/Paratrooper I will personally pay for you to come on our course, learn how to jump using a modern US army round parachute and get your Dutch B wing at the end of it.That is on successful completion that is of all five jumps.The last couple of years we have had a lot of former Parachute regiment join us , many have not been able to get their wings with the Parachute Regiment because of all the cuts and so have come to us just to prove to themselves they could have jumped With them its a very personal thing.. Of course we don't pretend to be a Paratroopers course but it does give them a bit of closure and of course getting the Dutch B wing is the icing on the cake. Oh by the way Ian Marshall is former 2 Para, Red Devils, a Director of the BPA and over 10,000 jumps, Lance has 1000 ish, Former Parachute regiment and Red Devils. I'm the baby of the group . Iv only 650 jumps of which 300 are free fall,former 10 Para,1 Para,47 Air Despatch Sqn and 63 Para sqn and 10 years as a non permanent member of the Silver Stars. Please take us up on the course as I look forward to throwing you out of one of the crappy old style aircraft we use,Cessna 208 Caravan,AN2, AN28 or maybe even a C47 Skytrain which of course is the crappy old aircraft that had a lot to do with winning WW2. Look forward to your answer 'Duke'.Shall I book you a slot now?
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  9. Um, @The_Duke is a qualified military parachutist and wears, as he is entitled to, the parachute badge with wings.
  10. What's that saying about time spent in reconaissance never being wasted ?

    Oh, and paragraphs are your friend. Please.
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  11. Popcorn out.
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  12. Haha @Dropout is a bit touchy, isn't he!
  13. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

  14. Duke mirrors my views perfectly.....Any "Wings" you can buy and "Not" earn are a bit of a cop out are'nt they ?

    Edited to Add : You mention Para Data checks ! I have not posted a profile on that database ( I cannot be arrsed ) but I can give you my PRA number.....
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  15. Good write up & very informative....................

    Don't let the doubters get to you.

    Everybody I've talked to who has done the course at Teuge have spoken very highly of it!
    These are people who have actually stood in the door at 3am with a 120lb container strapped to their legs, smelling the AVGAS as the door opens.