Pathfinder Company - Launch and Book Signing

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by candleford, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Seems like 'Danger Close' author Stuart Tootal is to introduce 'Pathfinder' author Graham Gillmore at this event!

    Should be an ace evening - check out for more info.
  2. ace indeed :roll:
  3. So what have you ever written Smudge? Cum on - lob us the ISBN.... 8)
  4. What is the ace evening in aid of, if Colonel Tootal retd was after bezzers, then FB would probably suffice.

  5. CHAD promotional activities. 2/10 for at least getting it in the right forum.

    Now tell me what a wizzo read it is
  6. I wrote a poem about frozen sh1tters in Kosovo once.
  7. Did it begin 'once upon a time in the Kukhri Bar?' :D
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  8. The Kukhri bar must've been after my time there
  9. A slight digression, but who did run the Khukri Bar in Pristina? I frequented it occasionally when I was there. I was working with a mine action NGO. It was a very young Brit.
  10. I gobbed off to the MAG in Sarajevo Irish Bar if that helps, telling them only homos can't give up smoking.
  11. Small world - I was MAG :lol:
  12. His name was John.

  13. Not the first to run it/ own it in Jun 99. His name was Chris. John came onboard later.
  14. Flash to bang time, three years and five months!
  15. Does this mean I missed the ace book signing? Bugger!