Pathfinder/Canadian Para Smocks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Browno, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Any of you boyz out there seen the Canadian Para Smocks? They are DPM like ours but have slightly different features

    'Lift The Dot' press studs, Great for freefallers/Pathfinders etc.

    Narrower Breast pockets ideal for magazines

    S95 type eapaulette buttons

    Instead of knitted cuffs, press stud ones

    Pure beast! Shame they dont import them over here, I want one myself.

    Wish they will make para smocks out of ripstop 95 material

    Would these be allowed to wear since they are from a commonwealth country and are DPM?
  2. Depends on your unit , i am sure we could on exercise , i have a KIWI smock
    and so does my CO .
  3. If you want one so badly drop them a line asking about exchange rates and shipping and buy one. What is the problem here? :?
  4. Have you thought about the 24-hr round trip to get it exchanged if you rip it ? That's the catch, eh ?
  5. A workable solution, unlike the F*uck off tablet you get back home from "Norman the Nazi" clothing exchange bod and the lame excuses that roll off his tongue, I remember fondly being presented with a length of "Green Wool string" and a darning needle when I took a Jumper and 2 pairs of socks with big "Spuds " in them for exchange circa late 80s...........
  6. Actually, S95 has Canadian type buttons.

    If you come across a Cdn smock, don't ask questions, just buy it. They are hard to find, even in Canada.
  7. Wey Hey!

    Finally Just bought one! Still has Cdn logos on it,

    It has a hood that can stash in the back, back pocket compatment, cotton/polyesterish material like the SAS Smock, lightweight, easy to pack up in bergen etc, velcro inside breast pockets, some French language on one of the labels!.

    These smocks are a pure BEAST!

    A MUST for Airborne Forces/SAS!

    Its a small size but does fit me, Still might buy some more if i see them,

    Thinking about starting a buisness with them!

    ALSO: Just if the British government could start making these in S95 material!

    BOYZ: These are a MUST buy for ALL British Soldiers!

    Want One? Get em on ere!




    Guarantee you wont regret buying one!
  8. Tell me where I can get a NZ ventile smock and I'll be interested.
  9. Let me get this straight... you're ex-ACF, not TA or Regular, and you're having orgasms about a canadian para smock. I suppose you sleep in it, do you?
  10. Have you tried "Kiwis Surplus" in New Zealand?.....Hope your search turns up fruit!
  11. What is this Kiwi Smock like?
  12. sorry to pizz on your parade but they dont look the best mate
  13. Will stick with issue smock thanks all the same, can't quite understand Browno's excitement, It's just a n other camouflage jacket!
  14. Must agree with Putees and big un this smock is a pile of shite! Apart from the material looking slightly more robust.

    Does he sleep in it? What is all the excitement about lads, lets face it 'smock parachutist' is what you wear around camp on a chilly day, certainly not for Deep Ops or freefalling!

    Windproof or even better modded CS 95 Smock with cuffs and hood.

    Personal opinion only.
  15. I hope you didn't spend a lot of $$ on that Canadian Para Smock !! They are actually bloody useless, the closing snaps will fall off after a few uses.

    They were used by the Canadian Airborne Regiment as well as the Para Training Centre. However, they were withdrawn from use after the Airborne Regiment was disbanded in 1995.

    One last point, they are not made to wear in the field, they were only worn in garrison as a regular jacket :? Therefore if you wear it in the field expect it to fall apart quickly.