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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by johnyg, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi, im currently serving with 1 royal Anglians Recce Platoon on herrick 6 and was looking to try pathfinder platoon next year when back in the uk.
    What am i lookin to do to get the ball rolling and how could i get some infomation on the platoon and the selection process?

    Im in the process of gettin my clerk to ring up the no. provided on the Pathfinder website to get some infomation sent out.

    Is there any currently serving members who could give me an insight into the platoon

    And is it a drama im currently noy a member of a para battalion?

  2. This has gone unanswered for a while for obvious reasons...

    But mate if you are out with the Vikings, fair go to you - keep safe. If you want to join pathfinders it just aint realistically going to happen unless you transfer to the parachute regiment first. That said it it is open to all service applicants. Speak to either your platoon commander or sergeant first, (whichever one you trust most to take you seriously and not give you a ribbing). They will lay out your options if you are serious. This isn't really going to be something your company clerk sorts out over the phone.
    If you are a Viking, keep up the good work and be proud of what you are doing. If you want to step up a level then selection will possibly be your best bet. Again speak to your boss.

    Edited to add a link with a suprising amount of seemingly good answers to your question:
  3. Johnyg,

    Keep safe out there mate, I'll have a word with a mucker from work who is ex PF and see what I can find out for you.

    As far as I know, on a basic level, you need to be doing Para style Tabs with a bit more weight than normal ( 45lbs plus weapon rather than 35 lbs plus weapon ), but I'll see if I can find out.

    And as far as I'm aware, any male from UK forces can apply, without going to Para Reg first, theres Guards in PF for example, so I reckon you can apply from your unit.

    Even heard a rumour that a Mountain Rescue bloke got in, but who knows when it comes to rumour control!!
  4. I'm not sure where you got your information but it is very out of date, I'm sorry to say.

    PF is now fully tri-service and open to all. It is not SF and all details can be gained from the relavent DIN - available from the Coy Clerk of Bn Admin Office.

    You DO NOT need to rebadge to Paras. One of the recent OCs was, in fact, 1SCOTS (previously Royal Scots).

    It is a tough-demanding course with the same hills phase (routes, at least) as SF Selection. In total the course is 6 weeks long, based in the UK and Belize.
  5. Don't know where you get your answers from fella!
  6. I said it was that it is open to ALL SERVICE applicants as I said, and as detailed in the link i posted.
    My point on the parachute regiment route was that although it is open to all the vast majority who get in are from the parachute regiment. Lessening expectations. But I'll admit i havent got the official percentage breakdown, and yes if the guy wants it enough its possible otherwise I would have just said that and left it at that.
    On the company clerk issue, ok, granted they can find more info. I was pointing him to speak to his chain of command to get the ball rolling and avoid any bad blood over going behind their back. But with a few months of the Herrick tour to go I would suggest focus on this would be best delayed.
    I'm not the official source on pathfinders or the para regt having never been in either, but this had gone unanswered since last friday so I tried to give this keen lad a steer in the right direction. Obviously anybody who knows better should speak up. Thanks Nomadcelt for pointing out I wasnt clear enough on those points.
  7. I know of numerous people of diffenet capbadges that have gone PF, not being Para Regt never presenting itself as a problem. You can't answer a question you no nothing about just because it has been unanswered!
  8. Well it got a ******* answer for the bloke didnt it you miserable cnut or it would have died a death as a long unanswered post. All the answers that have been highlighted since were there in my original post, and i just said, yeah it could have been better written. So ******* what. Any additions or clarifications afterwards more than welcome. But slagging off me trying to help a keen young lad not welcome. Nuff said.
  9. I'm not slagging you off at all, if I were I would be calling you names etc purely criticising you for an answer that you gave is not slagging you off. Surely no information is better than the wrong information?
  10. To quote myself. I took what I did know that most members are from the paras, did a bit of research to find the guy some extra info, while pointing out it seemed to be pukka. Whats wrong with that as a steer in the right direction? If more than I thought are not, then happy days, more hope to the lad to get it done. If I had to write it again then yes I'd now say "no you dont have to be parachute regiment to do it, but most that pass are". But hey, i'd didnt envisage that my post would be a one stop shop for everything he needed to know. It was a start to get a discussion going. And hey, here we are, collectively all much much wiser about it. GO TEAM!! wooh!
  11. So you dont buy into the maxim of 'if in doubt doing something is usually better than doing nothing'? With no information he'd no nothing more. Now he hopefully has a better idea of his options.
    Apology accepted. ;)
  12. No apology there, what you said in your first post was a complete load of rubbish offering him no help at all, thats what i was getting at- lets leave it at that shall we?
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  14. Cheers The Duke- sorts that out eh!

    If thats the Dave Bertin I know that they're doing the sponsored march for I wish him and the other lad a very speedy recovery- a great bloke!
  15. i was also good mates with Damien manning a few years ago , hope you make a speedy recovery mate