Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by slimjim, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. I've heard it all now.....

    Last night we were informed that all soldiers in our regiment Corporal and below must return their webbing to TAC to store in a shiny plastic box as we are no longer required to keep our webbing at home...

    Apparently this is because stores can't keep track of all the kits than been issued and struggles to get it back when people leave?????

    However we are aloud to look after everything else???????????

    WTF is about all I can say, maybe I can see some justification in having this rule for recruits, but Corporal and below???? WHY???

    Apart from it being extremely primary school like treatment, I cant see where at my squadron they could store all these shiny boxes full of webbing, let alone in a secure area....Not only that if they are to be locked away unless there's a squadron activity on, I cant see any fecker having a key!!!!!!
  2. Thats ...............retarded!
  3. Oh well, you'll just have to buy a cheap webtex set for your airsoft hobby. :D
  4. why would you want to keep your webbing at home anyway? its just clutter and collects dust.

    You could use the excuse that you may get deployed at short notice but how many non SF TA units are on such a short notice deployment team?

    Cant speak for the majority of TA trades but none of my TA counterparts are any short notice standbys, they are all covered by the Regs as per DMETAs orders that go along the lines of:
    if youre not about to go on ops, on ops or just returned from ops then youll be on standby.

    We have different standby teams for different things and there are no TA on them, I know this because I nominate who goes on what.

    Why only Cpls and below? especially when some of the juniors have more experience than some of the seniors and officers, speak to your RSM, he'll know.
  5. I always got all my kit maintained and stowed away at home prior to a weekend. If you've got to carry everything from your mess tins to your spare socks to pack your webbing on a Friday night it must waste a hell of a lot of time at the TAC.

    Same with Respirators, helmets etc. Why not just turn up dressed ready to go and just pick up your weapon and rations, radio etc.

    Much better use of everyone's time.
  6. It saves the QM/CO having to write off kit when guys do a bunk. A sad fact of life you may be a good guy who would hand in your kit but a lot of your colleagues don't. I had to go round TA soldiers homes to try and get kit back when they decided not to come back, not nice position to be in on either side of the fence.
  7. Exactly. Plus it allows you to sort the kit out properly after an ex to maintain its life (resis after using CS, soaked kit going mouldy, etc).

  8. Because thats too easy
  9. We have had our webbing, bergens, helmets and sleeping bags stored in the QMs for as long as I have been in the unit (18 years), so this is normal to me.
    A few of the guys have their own rigs and bergens etc so already keep this packed and ready to go at home or in lockers.
    As for me, I've no room at home so like the fact that I can dump it in stores after an exercise.
    The kit is issued on a Tuesday night to allow the guys to pack their kit in preparation for the weekend.
    Not a problem.
  10. So where is it stored in between Tuesday and Friday?

    What about the guys who aren't there on the Tuesday?
  11. Do TA personnel get webbing on their 1157? They put it onto Regular 1157 so that soldiers could keep it permanently instead of handing it in every time your were posted between Coys.
  12. I experienced a few months ago when I visited a TA centre a few months ago. It was explained that they couldn't actually take anyone else on strength because people hadn't handed their kit back in from about three years ago! Why can't they actually pursue legal action as they have broken the terms of their service anyway!

    I think that personnel should be able to keep hold of their kit. People tend to get it just the way they like it and don't want some storeman wrecking it as sometimes happens with rifles and clumsy armourers!
  13. Oi! I resemble that remark.
  14. lol

    In response to everyone else's comments, my main concern is security, I cant see where they will store it securely, we have two other regiments at TAC..and the other problem being access if it is locked... No problems if you're on a squadron weekend, if you're off doing something different I can see it being a headache!

    And isn't more done to recover kit off people who have left???
  15. :lol: