Pathetic Judicial System.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. A young couple whose baby died after suffering multiple injuries and neglect have avoided being sent to jail.
    Ceri Thomas, 21, of Bridgend, and Sarah Scott, 19, of Cardiff, admitted cruelty to four-month-old Chloe.

    When she died in 2003, her skull, wrists, ribs and legs were fractured.

    At Cardiff Crown Court Scott, who was pregnant at 15, was given a three-year community rehabilitation order. Thomas was jailed for three months, but had already served that time on remand.

    It's time the Judicial system in this Country was overhauled. Problem is many Crown Court Judges are so old they are not in touch with this world, they must still think Newgate Prison is still open!!!
  2. This appears to be inline with Lord Carliles report stating 50% of young offenders "banged up" should be let loose. Care in the community and all that! I feel all Judges should be made to live amongst the masses so they don't lose touch. The rot in this country really does start at the top.
  3. I take it that you sat through all the evidence, read the pre-sentence reports etc. before giving us the benefit of your opinion?
  4. Oh so I take it you think it was a miscarraige of justice? TWAT!! I have a family member who is a QC & Childrens Adcovate. I think I know what my opinion is on this matter.
  5. Whilst it is true that many judges are old, it takes years of legal practice and immersion in the law to become a competant judge. Compare and contrast making a 21 year old an RSM, they wouldnt have enough experience of the job to do it effectively.

    In saying this, I do believe that sentencing needs reviewing. With regard to the above case, WITHOUT have read the report (note I say report, not press coverage; BIG difference) from the quotes you provided it seems that that the girl has serious problems and thus to shove her into an already overcrowded prison system would be immoral and negligent.

    The bloke who had already served his time on remand has already spent 3 years in prison which is what the judge gave him, so that is a completly acceptable reason to release him. On the other hand I believe he should have had a much higher sentence in the first place :evil:
  6. No. I have no opinion on the matter, I know nothing more about this case than what you have told me. I don't make judgements about things I know nothing about. That being said I have no reason to mistrust the judgements made by the court.

    I really couldn't care less about what members of your family do.