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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by HE117, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. If you want to see Montcrief gun pits, you should ring Cardiff Council for a boat trip, as the Cardiff nature reserve on Flat Holm Island has about half a dozen of them, but unfortuneatly someone has taken away the mountings,but some of the 9"RML guns are still on the Island, there are two more pits that can be seen on Google maps at the campsite swiming pool at Lavernock point, near Penarth, although the pits are filled in thet can still be seen ,A couple of hundred yards west are 2 6" gun pits from about WW1 and there are hardstandings for 3.7" AA guns and a 3" AA rocket battery fro WW2
  2. I have seen the mountings before, but never seen film of them actually being used..

    This archive is a real gold mine... just do a search on "Army" and you get pages and pages of film clips..
  3. One of the boys on the 17/21st Lancer website has been posting some of this stuff about the regiment, there is one clip of the Regiment embarking to India in the 1920s and his Grand father is shown
  4. I cannot rmember why but many moons ago I read quite a lot about Coastal Defence and the development of the Armstrong Disappearing Gun . Thanks for a pointer to a fascinating clip of the technology in action .
  5. Last two, then I really must go..

    First one is a series of clips from (i think) Shoeburyness, (but could be Inchterf or Orford...) - Maybe Rickshaw Major could confirm?

    Looks like a Grand Slam bomb with witness plates... I like the way of testing the firing cable to see if the circuit is dead!

    Some facinating shots of a high speed recorder... (with all the wires hanging out)

    Finally a couple of clips of ATS trials assitants at Shoebury - I suspect sometime in the 30s..

    Look in ....splash!
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No1 MkV1 at that date a very early model based on the trials with the No1 MkV.
    These rifles became the No4 after some more trials and very few survive. Most were converted to No4 standard post Dunkirk but there were interchangeability issues with standard No4 rifles. Quite a few were converted to No4 T and used for sniping.
    Anorack yes! :D
  7. what a blinding find; I'm going to have some fun with this.
  8. Thought you would like that Uggs...

    It was a toss up between you and 4T getting here first!
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  10. I just found my Dad on one of the films, I have a photograph of my dad in his St Johns Ambulance uniform,but I had no Idea it was a still from a film untill I did a search for Cardiff, It was when the Dutchess of Kent reviewed ST Johns members in 1939 and the Photo is a still of the march past, there is also pictures of my cousin taking part in the Empire games in 1958, FFS cant wait to show these in the pub,, brilliant. Its even got pictures of"Ernist Willows"breaking the world record for flying from Cardiff to London in 10 hours by home built airship, the Ernist Willows is now a Wetherspoons pub I somtimes use