Path to PTI from REME tech.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bicycle14, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I have recently began app. process to join REME as avionics tech and awaiting selection.

    I am sure I will love life as a tech. (very mech. minded) but I am also very interested in physical training and becoming and instructor.

    A few Qs;

    Does the ARMY allow fully trained tech's to become PTI after spending time and effort training them?

    Are the PTI stuck with parent reg.?

    Do they recieve higher payband than tech.?


    (I was not sure where else to pose this thread)
  2. Once you are a tech you can go off and do PTI course and instruct the guys in your unit. If you are realy in to the PTI thing and you are very good at it you can transfer to the PT Corps.

  3. Do you not have to Sgt or above to transfer?
  4. No, you get local or acting rank for the course then keep it if you pass.
  5. cheers for info
  6. there isn't many postings I was told though as a PT Sgt, then again more than an air tech
  7. There are plenty of postings as a PT Sgt, although I am led to believe that first tours tend to be at trg Regts though don't quote me. Try posting in the PT Corps forum for better information or speak to your unit PTI.