Path of Destruction ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Israel pulls out of Gaza next week essentially turning the place over to Hamas and giving the palestinians direct access to the sea which should help make logistics easier. They will share a common border with the Egyptians.
    Hamas will no doubt use Gaza as a base for operations against Israel. Is Israel heading for a final showdown with Hamas/PLO/Hezbolla ?
  2. those arabs wear their caps scarily similar to chavs!!!! '8O'
  3. Israeli forces are now moving into Gaza.
  4. Theres only one way to deal with muslim terrorists and their organisations and thats fight them into destruction. I can't believe that israel is letting muslims throw the israelis from gaza. This is a big mistake for israel.
  5. The fact that there are 1.3million palestinians in Gaza and 8500 isrealis, and yet only the isrealis have any say in how the district was run. Sound slike apartheid to me.

    let them have their stinking land and see where it takes them. My bet is that the refugee camps will not disappear and gaza will still be used as a stick with which to beat Isreal with
  6. "Sounds like aparthied to me."
    And this is supposed to be a BAD thing? All races of people are NOT created equal. Even as I write this, I can hear the howls of "Racist!" from the Guardian-readers. But answer me this: would you trust the blacks to run Africa, or the Italians to fight a war? Who would you rather watched your back in a fire-fight, French squaddies or Gurkhas?
  7. Whilst your points are correct, is it the place of a select few to run the lives of a vast majority (who don't have a say in how their lives are run).

    Doesn't exactly match up with the US policy of democratisation of the ME

    There are differences between races and peoples, but these should not be used as grounds for inequality of rights and freedoms.
  9. No, that is Ariel Sharon (the former champion of the settlement movement).
  10. Sharon is simply getting his 'Ostages' back before he and King George tell the rest of the world OK thats it we are keeping the rest (West Bank), so go wedge it.
  11. Gaza should have been returned to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan. Both countries are capable of dealing with the fundamentalists.
  12. The former certainly did not want the return of the Gaza strip, it was more trouble then it was worth to them, the latter had enough problems with it's resident Palestinian population (50% of the Jordanian population) on the East Bank e.g. fighting erupted seriously between the Palestinians and the Jordanians in the early 1970s, hence the PLO moving to Lebanon from that period.
  13. I suppose the small detail that the settlements in the Gaza Strip and on the West Bank are illegal and in direct defiance of over 30 unanimous UN resolutions is... What? Irrelevant or inconvenient?