paternity leave???


JSP 760 Para 22.004, 2 weeks in total, Sorry.
Paternity leave is a statutory entitlement.
A total of two weeks leave may be taken on the basic rate of weekly pay, but including Specialist/Additional Pay, within a specified timeframe.
Fifteen weeks advance warning is required of the intention to take Paternity Leave in a 'natural birth'.
The advance notice in an adoption case has to be shorter, as the actual date of placement of a child may not be decided until a comparatively late stage.
A declaration would have to be made by the applicant confirming eligibility, and that the leave would only be used for childcare purposes or to support the mother (or main adopter).
Commanding Officers still have discretion to defer or rescind Paternity Leave in operational situations.
Those eligible for Paternity Leave would be a person sharing responsibility for the upbringing of a child and who is:

The biological father; or
The spouse of the natural mother (or main adopter) who is not the biological father; or
An individual living with the mother (or main adopter) in an enduring family relationship, but who is not an immediate relative. This category will include both unmarried and same-sex partners.
In an adoption case, either of the adopting parents - not necessarily a male - can elect to take Paternity Leave. The other parent would be entitled to Adoption Leave.


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