Paternity leave for unmarried couples

Hi my fiance is a REME in the army based in Germany and we are expecting a baby in November.

Can anyone tell me is he entitled to paternity leave if we are not married?

He's already been told he cant have a transfer to the uk cause we aren't married, so I'm really hoping he can at least get paternity leave, so I don't have to give birth alone as well!

Thanks xxx
skintboymike said:
Hope she didn't take your signature personally.......
Oh no. It isn't meant personally. I forgot it was there.
I was a Psych Nurse for years. It's something we would mutter to each other, well out of ear-shot of "clients".
You don't have to be married to get paternity leave.

My OH and I have just had a baby and he got the two weeks leave he's legally entitalled too, however, the military being the military they may not actually let him go at the time of birth, depending on what's going on in their unit at the time.

Whenever though, the two weeks is theirs to take at some point.
It's a legal right to have paternity leave regardless of if you are married or not so your other half will get the time off. If he can't take it at the time of the birth for what reason there is a form he needs to fill out so he will be able to take the leave when he is able. I had to do the same as I was on course when my son was born.
when my Fiancee gave birth i was at home, made a phone call on the moday and my boss gave me the 2 week off, dont even remember showing any proof, (except photos), BTW, im also REME, so ur partner shouldt have no probs

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