Patent Leather shoes - You decide

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Yes, They will guarantee bum sex ?

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  2. No, They are a good way having to pay for Port.

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  1. A certain Arrser has just bought a load of mess kit. He has bought a set of patent leather george boots. IMHO they are not far short of a war crime. Does anyone confess to wearing these monstrosities?

    BTW It is Hallveg
  2. Ffs, patent leather is a crime against good taste. Has he got a clip on bow tie and velcro cumberbund too.
  3. And no doubt to finish the cheap pikey look off, a set of stickyback medals.

    I hope he is harangued from arrsehole to breakfast time on every occasion they are worn.
  4. Patent leather shoes? Does he listen to Kajagoogoo and practice robotics dancing in front of the mirror as well?
  5. Patent leather George boots? How American dahlings...too tooo ghastly for words. Case of port every time he dons them...
  6. War Crime?

    or exercising his freedom under the Human Rights Act?

    definitely a war crime
  7. He is blatantly gay. As he is your friend, either you must disown him, or you are gay too.

    Your choice. 8O
  8. Goes well with a bunch of keys and a hankie hanging out of the back pocket
  9. Actually, you should just kill him if he ever wears them.
  10. Unless his mess kit is a pink gingham dress and includes a blonde wig in pigtails and bow there can be no excuse.
  11. Ok perhaps as a newly promoted type i should have asked and not just gone on the word of the Turkish geeza at mess dress who sold them to me,
    quote "evarya onea isa wearing thema, evana RSM'sa wera thema"

    so i guess ill be taking them back, but dont you think the_guru could have told me this before i drove to bournemouth?
  12. I think it makes bloody good sense. Good luck to the guy for having the common sense to save himself a lot of bulling.
  13. I really am confused now :?

    not about girls, just boots.
  14. How? The guy buys himself some patent leather George boots to save himself the bother of bulling.
  15. No i AM the guy and im confused because i've been asking people some have said, like you, good idea and well done, others like old man guru have sworn at me and promissed to "make sure i suffer" because "I know the RSM and I'll get him to fine/ban you".