Patent Leather George Boots: Dapper or Tacky ?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by wellyhead, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Go for it, everyone wears them, they are shiney, practical and all the totty go moist for them

  2. Bah, away with you you lazy fecker, go buy yerself some polish and a duster and get cracking

  1. As a young lad I thought nothing but ill of the laziness of the patent leather shoe/boot, but of late I have been considering buying a pair
  2. Tackier than a glue handler's handshake. Patent leather is for Ben Stiller lookalikes to wear on Prom night complete with nylon suits and ruffles. Fcuking gopping.
  3. only the daft polish their george boots. Patent leather is for winners!
  4. Patent is the way ahead...wipe clean too! Oh, and I'm lazy!
  5. tacky and you know it 'Wellyhead' proper sartorial elegance comes with effort, clip on bow ties and patent leather are the thin end of a cheap polyester wedge that seemingly is now being considered as style and elegance.
  6. I'm smelling corps 'soldiers' and a severe lack of avgas smelling 'smock parachutists'. Fcuking wretches.
  7. Now let me guess.......RLC?.....or someone equally as chippy?

    Get a grip, if you walked into my mess with them on you wouldn't stay long and you wouldn't do it again, you would leave so fast your nylon mess dress would melt!

    Scruffy fcukers
  8. Don't do it! :evil:
  9. Are you a bandsman?
  10. Thnaks for the replies so far and I have had a proper word with myself and after many. many press ups I have come to the conclusion that they still are to be shunned at all costs, I shall now roundly beat the fellow who looked at me agog when I said I didn't like them and stated they were "much proper"

    Should of guessed really shouldn't I
  11. Back in the days when ORC was a doer, evening dress included patent leather shoes. If you equate George boots with evening functions, it would seem they should be patent. The market trader's boot worn by many should not however be patent.
  12. I’m shocked to discover you can even get patent George boots. Delete this post before the Butler finds out, he’ll have a coronary.
  13. Since when was it exclusively your mess?

    As you're clearly a cunt then, most people would not want to be in the mess with you.
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  14. Nope, not RLC. If I walked into your mess, you'd probably bore me about buttons on smocks reflecting IR signals unless taped up too!

    With regards to my rather expensive properly tailored mess dress, I don't have to wear it anymore :)
  15. Tailored by Billy Smart no doubt. It was expensive due to the amount of canvas required to make it.

    Patent George boots? How fucking dare you even consider it.