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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by PoisonDwarf, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm trying to find an article entitled

    "Patchwork Enabled Capability : Op TELIC CIS and the Long March to NEC", which was written by a chap called Popham, H. in 2004 and published in the Naval Review. I can find references online (cheers Google) as follows:

    Part 1 - Naval Review17415535, Volume 92 Number 2 May 2004, pp104-111
    Part 2 - Naval Review17415535, Volume 92 Number 3 Aug 2004, pp207-213

    But they seem to lead to a dead end. I have trawled the dreadful search engine on the Defence Intranet and I have also searched the Defence Academy website with no joy.

    Can anybody help - anyone got it on PDF or might it be elsewhere? I used to have a crap photocopy of it in my old office but I want to look at it to see how the situation has changed with the current TELIC laydown and also how can be compared to HERRICK.


  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. PD, I can download the NR for you as I'm a member, however our membership articles mean we should not allow general public access to the review. I suggest you e-mail the Editor at the above url and see how you go (don't email AE(OL), as I suspect that he doesn't have the authority to release the articles).

    *Edit - email (AE)OL, he'll make sure it goes to the Editor... My bad!

    BTW, Home Popham (the author) is a nom-de-plume, and taken from Adm Sir Home Popham, a renowned signals chap in the RN:

    PS - I've let our Editor know you are after access, so send an email without delay!
  4. Assuming PoisonDwarf is a pongo officer, he or she is eligible for membership and therefore NR members can allow articles to fall into his hands providing they don't end up on a canal towpath. Anyway, PD would have to prove eligibility. At least that's the way I see it but standing by to be corrected. Articles over 10 years old are released to the public domain.

    November 2009's edition includes a pongo in the list of new members. I expect the NR editor will invite PD to join.
  5. and so the collective grows.... Sometimes I feel we're a bit like the Black Mafia, only with more arguments and a tendency to wistfulness...
  6. Thanks for the advice chaps - it's always a pleasant surprise to see some grown-up replies on here! :D

    From what I recall it was actually a very interesting read and completely relevant to what I am doing now. I didn't really think about applying for membership but in actual fact it looks like there are lots of good articles in there. I have just dropped the Asst Editor a message, so thanks again for the advice.

    p.s. This is my 5000th post! Do I win anything?

  7. Yes, a stern admonishment to spend less time on ARRSE and more time enabling that network capability.
  8. PD - we joined on the same day and I've just passed my 200th post, make of that what you will.....
  9. Hey Chris951, I'm deployed at the moment, and it's definitely a case of Network Disabled Capability.

    p.s. The Asst Editor sent me that article. A jolly good read - and very little has changed in 5 yrs! :cry:
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Thats good to know! Means me getting out and getting a proper job was the right thing to do!
  11. And you're surprised! 8O
  12. Sanguine as ever? See you some point next year for a pint.