AS you may have noticed we've created a wiki on RearParty - the Patchpedia. The idea is to create a serious & useful guide to Married Quarters and, of course, you'd all be welcome to contribute!
Hmm it would appear that my anti-spam measures were a little too effective! I'll look into this when I get home at the weekend.

For ref the bloke enquiring was moi........
Ahh, I've sorted out the 'block all' which was very effective at stopping spam! It now requires you to have a user in existence for an hour before you can create a new page.

Let me know how you get on pse


Book Reviewer
Huzzah! .... does this mean that RRPedia will be resurrected or is it dead for ever?
Fisrt small edit done. Would be helpful for those who are doing it for the first time to have the "How to..." video back up and working.
I've just tried to look into Patchpedia and it's asking for authentication (ie. Username and password). Before i input details is this correct and should i have a different username to my normal one.

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