Pat Condell - Top Bloke!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. Pat Condel is a failed comedian. He is a far right propagandist, and supports the EDL.

    He never speaks about Judaism, only targets Muslims and Christians.

    Thats alll I have to say.

    Plus, hes not even funny.
  2. Bloody hell. I'm not only quoting you without calling you an idiot, I'm also actually agreeing with you.

    While I've never felt that anything should be off limits when it comes to comedy, the ramblings of Mr Condell should never have made it out of his own head.
  3. The mans a wanker of the first order
  4. I haven't come across the bloke before, and this is the only thing of his I've seen but I thought it was quite a decent rant.
  5. I agree. He speaks his mind and is simply stating truths.
  6. Dont blush at his Twat'wa's

    He is extremely against any sort of criticism against Israel, but on the other hand, enjoys a good ol Christian and Muslim Bashing even though Britain is a Christian Nation,he doesnt show any form of respect towards it.
  7. So he's against Christianity and Islam, but not against the Red Sea Pedestrians? Two out of three's not bad. He also says what a lot of people think.

    Actually, I see that you've fallen in to the 'human rights' / equality' trap - you're saying that as he's ranted against two religions, he should rant against the third or it's not fair.
    Do you work for the BBC?
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  8. Shut up you Guardian reading communist
  9. This is reasoned debate is it?
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    As one who does a lot of work on equality, (though no fecking idea on that human rights shite), as long as he had equal opportunity to rant against all three religions or in fact as many as he liked that he had equality. It's whether he choose to fully exercise that opportunity is up to him. Am not debating the actual legalities of what he's ranting, just his right to rant under equalities legistation.
    He sounds a twat.
  11. [video=youtube;vguCjey4gl8][/video]
  12. Nice shirt. Pity he couldn't afford the sleeves.
  13. Britain is a christian nation? Fuck me did that happen when I turned my back? I don't have any respect for christians either and much of Pat Condells rants against religion are excellent :)
  14. You're hearing what you want to hear. He mentions Jews all the time.

    By the way, the picture of your nephew was sexier than the avatar you've got now. I'd have been up for a bit of bacha bazi with him...