Pasties for the Boys

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pasty Boy, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Well done Ivor Dewdney's!

    Let's hope that the RAF didn't delay this important cargo.
  2. Cornish pasties?

    They were made in Devon, rightful home of the pasty.

    Edit: whilst keen to get the abuse flowing towards the Kernish, good effort from Dewdney's. I shall make a point of seeking their food out in future.
  3. Or get hungry mid flight!!!!
  4. Ivor Dewdneys are absolutely brilliant they've done drops to our lot on every Op tour that I can remember - and they come around our place every morning with a van
  5. Right you sod: enough of this. I'm calling you out - sabres or pistols, your choice, noon today.

    Despite scurrilous and innaccurate rumours to the contrary, put about by a so-called professor from Devon (no bias there then), the noble pasty is Cornish. IMO, if it ain't made in Cornwall or by a Cornish person then it ain't a Cornish pasty. Don't give me any of this "West Country Pasty Co." rubbish.

    Serious head on: good on the chap for sending pastys out to the people on ops. Shame they're not real pastys though...
  6. I shall meet you with pasties at 20 paces.

    You may bring your choice of Cornish, but I shall bring Devon's finest.

    I suggest you make a will soonest.

    My seconds will call on your seconds.

    Kind regards

  7. They will crumble to dust against the onslaught of my mighty, original, Cornish pasties. My seconds will not be needed. Bring it, b*tch.
  8. I shall say but one word to you, youth:

  9. 1) Ginsters have a bad rep because they aren't usually defrosted before they're put in horror bags - hardly the fault of the supplier.

    2) Even Ginsters are better than the offal-filled muck from Devon.

    Noon, bring it on.
  10. Would both combatants agree that pasties must not, under any circumstances, contain carrot?

    Having lived for three years at St Mawgan, I must side with Cornish and not the Devon infiltrator
  11. How very gallant of your Trev, siding with the Maid (hah!) of Kernow.

    Sadly, they have obviously poisoned your mind as well as your body with their second-rate tat masquerading as a pasty.

    The very finest pasties ever made were hand-crafted by my sadly departed grandmother. We shall not see their like again.

    And she was from Plymouth, not the scraggy bit stuck onto the arrse end of Devon's fair shores.

    You are correct about carrots though.
  12. After six months of frozen Cheese and Onion D-shaped pasties teh last thing I wanted to see on tour is another bloody pasty.

    Well done to the bloke though, shows he cares.
  13. Having experienced the dreaded horror bag and "night rations" far too often in my time, I feel I must ask are these Giant Pasties (i.e. tiny) or Super Size Pasties (i.e. very tiny)??

    Well done Ivor Dewdney!
  14. Ivor Dewdney good on them. I always buy one from a van just outside Home Park very tasty. But as a Devonian who does not travel to pointy head land very often - even I am prepared to accept that the pasty was an import from the land of tin mines.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ginster in a horror bag???You must be avvin a laff!!!!
    It's semi de-froseted cheese & onion/crushed offal roll & nothing else!!!