Pasta Salad Recipies

I have a new job where only vegetarian/vegan food is allowed in the office (I know, but the salary is very good and I can put up with eating that stuff). So does anyone have any good recipies for a pasta salad that includes basil and tomatoes etc :?
Is Tuna allowed?

How about doing a Three Cheese & Spinach leaf Lasagna?

My favourite pasta meal, unfortunately not for Veggies! was given to me by the other half of Jonathan Smiles:

Chicken Pesto


Pesto Geneveise
White Wine
Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper

Phase 1:

Pour yourself a LARGE Glass of said white wine, just to make sure it meets your culinary standards 8)
Chop up the chicken into small bite size proprotions.
Add a little Olive Oil to a large pan and fry the chicken til it has cooked through.

Phase 2:

Add White Wine to now cooked chicken (I use a thimble full of the bottle, my Wife pours half the fecker in!)
while chicken and wine is getting to know each other - boil your water for your Pasta and obviously add the Pasta!

Phase 3:

Top your glass up, it gets hot around two pans on the hotplate!
While the Pasta is cooking, add a jar of Pesto geneveise to your Chicken and whats left of the wine.
Just prior to the Pasta reaching climax, add a little cream to your chicken, wine & Pesto and stir well.

Phase 4:

Lay the table and open a second bottle of the White stuff if the other half has managed to waste most of the first bottle in the meal! and pour yourself another glass.
Grate a block of fresh Parmesan cheese.
Chop your Fresh baked bread into slices.

Final Phase:

Drain your pasta and sprinkle a tad of Olive Oil through it, then pile onto plates.
Add your chicken Pesto mix on top of Pasta.
Sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese over the entire contents of the plate.
Add Salt & Pepper to taste.

Pour another Glass of the Fine White stuff prior to putting the finished result out on the table.

Enjoy! :wink:
Not pasta, but you can make a good and filling salad with couscous.

1 pack Sun dried or drenched or blushed tomatoes in olive oil, sliced into largish chunks.
Pine nuts, about 2-3 tbsps, toasted gently in a non stick frying pan (on a low heat).
1 finely chopped deseeded chilli (hot or mild, your choice).
250 grammes dried couscous, made up as per packet instructions with boiling water and a glug of olive oil. Seperate grains with a fork once rehaydrated.
Fresh chives, snipped or chopped.
Fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped.
Spring onions, 1 bunch, finely chopped.
An orange or yellow sweet pepper, de-seeded and diced.
4 tbsp "Newmans own" balsamic dressing.
Salt and pepper.

Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl with a fork, and add the dressing and seasoning at the end.
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