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Just a quickie as a matter of interest, I left in 1992 as a 12 year Sapper(I know I was a flier) as a Fitter RE Class 1 ,I cant remember how much I was on then but does the trade (or equivalent) still exist and how much do they earn now ?.Just being nosey.Ta to anybody who can be arsed to read and reply.
Fitter RE is now Fitter Gen with specialisation at Class One level between Fitter Equipment, Fitter Utilities and Petroleum and Fitter Machinist. Pay relies on rank, there is no T pay now. A full screww should be earning around £28K or so ish.
My first weeks pay in my hand as a boy soldier in 1971 was £1.00. I had a massive pay rise the following week to £1.50. By the time I left boy service in 1973, I was getting about £4.00 per week. The upside of that was that pay was actually higher at around £9.00 to £11.00 per week so when you went on leave, you had £60.00 or £70.00 to spend. When I left in 1977 as a class 1 Rifleman, I vaugely remember, there was about £120 a month going in my bank account.
In Colly in 1977 I got 91p a week (that was after a pay rise from 84p a week)
I got £5 a day as a 16 year old at the apprentice college in september 1984, still got my first paystatement that in red ink puts me as £5 in debt thanks to the £5 I got at the recruiting office when I swore my oath. Left on £105 a day in 2007.
£4.25 a day in the OTC, pint of beer 11p in the OTC bar, so almost 40 pints a day. I used to earn about £400 a year.

£9.50ish a day at Sandhurst, so about 60 pints a day (expensive is beer down south).

Good job I took up the marathon.
Autumn Term 1965 at Junior Tradesman`s Regiment Troon: £2.10s p.w. plus 2s/6d Clothing Allowance. The weekly cash payment from that was 1 Guinea resp. 21 shillings resp. £1.1s - the rest went into credits. In todays decimal money that would be £2.50 plus 12.5 pence, with a weekly cash pay out of £1.10p

A couple of terms later adults rates kicked in (from age 17 and a half), with the weekly cash payment rising to just £2.00, the rest still going into credits and a POSB account. On mustering in Dec. 66, my leave pay for 3 weeks - comprising credits, ration allowance and regular pay - amounted to some +£130.00, which was a small fortune in those days. From memory, at the time my father was on somewhat less than £20.00 a week as a long-distance truck driver. Back then, a millionaire was judged to be someone earning more than £100.000 p.a. - again from memory, a General was on about £5,000 p.a.

I very nearly lost all of my leave pay as well. I had a budding interest in horse-racing back then, and a nag called Arkle was odds-on to win whatever race it was running in on Boxing Day. My plan was to put more or less the whole lot on its nose. For some reason or other I didn`t make it to the bookie, Arkle lost the race (injured its leg, I think) and I was suddenly cured of betting on donkeys!

Some 11 years later a Full Screw was on about £60,00 p.w. In fact, in 1977/78, with a wife and 3 kids, my military salary was such that I qualified for a rent rebate, Family Income Supplement, free school meals and various other little bits and bobs. The pay review of 1978 was just enough to lift me above the threshold of qualifying for a continuation of them - effectively, when the dust settled I had a minus of some £6.00 a week in my disposable income.

Early in 1979 I was in fresh pastures!
Army Apprentices College early 1970's 1.50pw cash. (pay & paybook correct, sir), the rest in credits at end of term (about 70 or 80 quid as I recall). Then we were put onto direct credit pay, suddenly had a chequebook, (Williams & Glyns) and could cash 5.00/day at any bank on production of id card. Cue financial carnage.
I was unfortunate enough to join man service at 17.It took me a while to work out why I was getting less than almost everyone else.Had to go para for another 7shillings and 6 pence per day.Financial necessity rather than wanting any glory.

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