Past Pay Statements

When I first joined the UOTC I made a very wrong assumption that my pay would never get messed up and therefore did not keep my pay statements.

However now it is messed up. I am now Gp A TA and I need to prove each bounty I have ever received right from the start of UOTC.

I can do this back to the start of JPA as it is all online, however pre-JPA my pay statements have been binned by myself and shredded by my ex-OTC unit when i left.

Is there anyway that any pay guru's know of finding my entire pay history, or even just how many bounties I have been paid.

Alternatively the number of COE's issued before JPA would be just as good?

Thanks for any help.
Also mate, on Armynet all my pay statements since I joined in 2004 are on there. Complete with bounties from when I was UOTC (October) - give that a shot?

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