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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by howie, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Had my re enlistment medical on tuesday atlast, and i passed with flying colors
    however just when the M,O was going to sign my papers the SMO decided that
    an orthopedic specialist should be consulted first on a previous back pain i had in 2004,
    this is after 1. i was asked to confirm 4 weeks ago that i had been pain free for the last 12 months which i have
    and backed up with a civvy doctors letter,and also the M,O who did my medical,but he still insisted
    i cant understand this manouver,so now im left with not knowing whats going on its very frustrating
    i have told everyone i passed my medical and then have to add the (but) bit on top of all this its taking nearly 5 months to get this far.
    just a gripe soz.
  2. Just putting their umbrellas up Howie, welcome back to the new improved army where everyone is afraid of litigation and being sued! Don't blame the SMO, blame Injury Lawyers for You and their ambulance chsing ilk.
  3. Hello Howie - I'm afraid the Warrior_Poet's right on the money there. We've got to be super-careful in these HSE-conscious days and anyway : you don't want chronic back pain for the rest of your natural do you?
  4. Thanks guys i understand we are getting very Amercanised in our thinking thease days , i would do the same
    the med center told me not to worry it will probably be a paper exercise only and to continue training and packing
    the M,O who examined me wrote the letter to the Ortho himself explaining what he thought and at the bottom put Do you want to see him
    thanks again
  5. I do that. "Do you want to see him?" tends to be medico-code for "there's nothing wrong with him, but give do us both a favour and give him the once-over to make sure that I'm not missing something".
  6. I know this is probably silly of me for worrying,but do you think there is a possability that the ortho will turn me down without seeing me,or am i worrying for no reason and he has to check me out before making that sort of dicision ?
    thanks in advance .
  7. Can't think of any reason why he should bin you without at least seeing you. For one thing, it'd be seriously unprofessional.
  8. thanks very much there is no reason and you have been very helpfull and put my mind at rest
    thanks again

  9. If he does & your condition is attributed to previous service there's nothing to stop YOU claiming:)
  10. thats the thing i only pulled a muscle lifting a suitcase out of a car boot in 1998 got some ibruprofen and it was gone in about a fortnight
    but for some reason stayed on my records till i left in 04 as a continuing problem which it wasnt and in that time did to tours of duty with no probs
  11. some thing as just dawned on me
    i think the smo is in the mind that the pulled muscle in 1998 and the one in 2004 are the same problem ongoing
    they are infact 2 different incedents 6 years apart shuold i write to him about this or let it go i have been refered to upavon for them to decide
    is it to late to send him a letter telling him of this information ,because at the moment it looks like a 6 year problem that it wasnt
    im a bit confused how to go about this so as not to annoy the smo at pirbright
  12. still waiting to here if a specialist wants to see me been 4 weeks now and acio cant get any answers either
  13. how long does it take to get an answer from upavon that an orthopedic specialist wants to see me or not surly 5 weeks is taking the mick has anyone else had to wait this long for a referral after there medical