Past catches up - Ex- IRA git faces 146 year sentence

Something to cheer you all up on a Sunday night...

IRA millionaire faces 146 years in prison over fraud


Sunday August 02 2009

A man who had built up a multi-millionaire empire in America after emigrating from the North saw his life crashing down around him when detectives found a photograph of him standing next to Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams.

They had come to the Philadelphia home of Sean O'Neill from Coalisland, Co Tyrone, after his son accidentally shot his friend in the face with a .45 calibre pistol after a party, killing him.

What the police found was that O'Neill had kept secrets for more then 30 years, including membership of the IRA's youth wing.

He now faces a 146-year jail sentence and a $4m fine after admitting immigration fraud, tax evasion and gun offences. He had come to America in 1983, aged 23, and had amassed a construction and restaurant business worth millions of dollars.

O'Neill owned Maggie O'Neill's, an Irish pub renowned for its authenticity, and also had property across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a holiday home in the countryside and another on a tiny island off the Jersey shore, plus several houses in Ireland.

He had been a respected member of the business community where he lived, with his wife and three children.

Things started to unravel in 2006 after he went on a weekend break with his wife Eileen. While they were away his son Sean threw a party and after drinking he began to play with his father's gun which ended in the accidental shooting of his friend Scott Sheridan.

Police were called by Roisin O'Neill, 23, who found her brother clutching his friend's body. While searching the home detectives unearthed paperwork that revealed O'Neill's past.

In 1977 O'Neill had pleaded guilty to membership of Fianna Eireann, the IRA's youth wing. In an attempt to build a new life he travelled to the US on a six-month visa, failing to disclose his conviction.

He had not informed the US authorities of his record, making his immigration status fraudulent. They discovered he had entered into a sham marriage with a US woman to gain permanent residency and had failed to get a divorce before marrying his wife, Eileen, technically rendering him a bigamist.

He had also acquired four guns under false pretences, giving a false date of birth and claiming he was from Texas.

In 1985, he even stated he was an American citizen in order to be able to vote in a Pennsylvania election. Officers also established O'Neill had failed to declare earnings between 2005 and 2007 and had been paying staff at Maggie O'Neill's in cash to avoid paying up to $200,000 in tax.

At first, O'Neill made a vigorous defence through his lawyers who accused the police of showing a "strong and impermissible Irish-Catholic prejudice", pointing to the way Gerry Adams had been dubbed an IRA leader when he was in fact "a man widely acclaimed for his crucial role in laying the groundwork for the peace process in Ireland". But his troubles continued. His son, Sean, served nine months of a two-year sentence for the manslaughter of his friend but was then put back into juvenile detention after he violated the terms of his release.

Then O'Neill's daughter, Roisin, allegedly drove the wrong way down a motorway, killing a 63-year-old grandmother. She is on bail awaiting trial for 'vehicular homicide'.

In April, O'Neill pleaded guilty to immigration and tax fraud and the gun charges. Charges relating to bigamy and other gun offences were dropped.

He is at home on bail of $2.5m and will learn his fate on October 8 when he is due for sentencing.

I love the "Gerry Adams, a man of peace" bit. I mean, he's right up there with Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama and Ghandi, isn't he?
It would have made my evening, but for two innocent (probably) people dying at the hands of his offspring. I hope he rots in prison and then rots in hell.


Book Reviewer
Can't they seize all his cash and assets since he has gained them illegally ?

That I imagine would hurt him and his kids far more than anything

Then ship him back home
Up his bollox

I am so glad that this terrorist and his disfunctional family are going to

be starring in terrorists behind bars.

I am a bit disapointed that his wife hasnt been done for anything yet
Seeing as he shouldn't have been there in the first place, they should take all his money and send him back to the old country penniless to live on the dole in a council flat left empty by Romanians!

I'd pay taxes to see that happen!


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I should imagine Teddy Kennedy is preparing a "He was on the run from the evil British" story in preperation for his multi million pound defence

No doubt Jerry and Martin will give him a glowing reference stating he was no where near the IRA or any trouble making
Ironically if he did the same sort of fraud and stuff here he would be facing a community order and £150 fine. If he doesn't end up in clink I'd say he'll be sent home to paint the railings alright.
The US of A is the worlds Capital for Suing.
It has never ceased to amaze me that, EVERYONE, knows that in US nick your going to get your Arrrse Hole Rogered, yet no one, to the best of my Knowledge, has ever sued the System for for abuse suffered in prison.
Do think that this Paddy and his dysfunctional family are getting their fair share of justice.
Love the bit about the Police being anti-Irish and Catholic.... aren't (still) lots of them Irish and Catholic? And according to the tinterweb, up to 20% of the population in Philly claim some sort of Irish ancestory (Irish or Irish Scots) and the two largest religions are ..... Roman Catholicism and Protestant, who are roughly equal.

Unlucky Paddy... should have got out after 9/11. Caught prior to this, he'd have just said "I was an freedom fighter, fighting for freedom" and USA would have said "ahhh, bless his little ANFO soaked socks". Alas now it's all hatred to him because he is "Irish Catholic" :roll:

Would prefer he gets 150 years of bumsex, but if he gets shipped back to Divis, pennyless, that too would be a result!

His kids seem to be complete spankers....

Re the picture with "our gerry", we all know gerrie wasn't actually, really in the ira. :roll:

Wonder why he left in 1983? Genuine refugee from the troubles or was he too "hot" after a trip to Harrods?

Was he one of the runners described as "in their early 20s" in the SAS ambush in Tyrone?

Had he been banging a "bride" and her hubby got out of the maze along with 20 others in the break out?

Or he could be a immigrant who made good, but glossed over a few splotches in his history? A lad who got disenchanted with the ira (being in their youth movement) and knew he couldn't stay in NI?

He doesn't seemto have had much problem getting firearms or with being a bit coy with the books either...
Like my mother always said "what goes round comes round", (they will all pay in the end).
Looking forward to many more like this.
ZacDaBoss said:
Seeing as he shouldn't have been there in the first place, they should take all his money and send him back to the old country penniless to live on the dole in a council flat left empty by Romanians!

I'd pay taxes to see that happen!
You and I would - the cnut would be on Social Security as soon as his arrse touched down. Probably get a flat and White Goods as well :evil:

I hope the cnut rots in a septic prison although 146 years is far too much. 80 seems more reasonable 8)

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