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Use this topic for any information on the up and coming reunions that may interest the AMS. Any trivia will be deleted.

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From GP Bunny

This years Past and Present will take place on the 13th October in Aldershot. Those interested please contact the Corps RSM on Aldershot Civ 01252 347780 Mil 94222 2780

- See you there on the night
I am looking for members of Goup 3 / 76 (who started SRN training at the Cambridge Military Hospital Aldershot at the beginning of 1977) - both QARANC and RAMC (as it was in those days!).

There are a couple of us old and bold still serving (in various guises) and we were discussing having a 30 year reunion.

If any of that group are reading this post - perhaps you would let me know if you would be interested?
Any more news on the Past and Present Chaps?
Is it definatley at Sandhurst and over that weekend?
Any news greatfully appreciated.
Last years bar was a discrace, ive a good mind to stick a slab of beer in the bushes outside the Mess just in case the bar is as shambolic as it was last year.
With the current drive of the ONE ARMY CONCEPT it would be nice to see more TA SNCOs' & Warrant Officers there, I know there were a few there last year as I spoke to a few from Scotland.

The more the merrier I say :D


Filbert Fox said:
Duty rumour is that serving officers are to wear black tie next year and not their mess dress.
Good, it should be that anyway, if they want to wear their Mess Dress, then stay in the Mess!
ExMedic said:
Is the reunion for all P&P ranks, or just for SNCO's/Officers? :?
There is usually two......P&P at Sandhurst for SNCO's

And an All ranks to be held in Leicester in 2007.

Sorry another in May for all be held in Hull (19th)
ExMedic said:
Is the reunion for all P&P ranks, or just for SNCO's/Officers? :?
The reunion at Sandhurst is the WOs & SNCOs Past & Present Dinner Club, it is for any member of the AMS (RAMC/RADC/QARANC/RAVC) who is serving or has served and is/was a member of the Seniors Mess.

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