Passwords. As in sentries not websites

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BuggerAll, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is there any thinking on password types at the moment. On recent Ex I've had all sorts. The four letter word:

    "Sierra November : Oscar Whisky",

    or the mathmatical type, Twelve:

    "seven : five"

    or the totally random,

    "Goodison : Mackerel"

    Whats being taught, or is it up to the originator.
  2. I had Tango Wiskey Alpha Tango the other week :lol:
  3. FLASH

  4. carry an umbrella. You won't need a password then..........
    (Think Arnhem)
  5. Sierra Hotel

    India Tango
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Not current on topic, but had the pleasure of hearing a Sqn Cdr respond to a sentry's challenge with "It's the Sqn Cdr ... get out of the bloody way, cadet." :lol:

    It seemed to work ...
  7. We had Charlie Uniform once, but I have forgotten the reply........
  8. Don't use the mathematical type with Pioneers!

    Password is 6

    Challenge "4"...........

    Reply "2"........... BANG!
  9. we had an over-enthusiastic jock refuse gate entry to a full screw (from his own platoon), because he had forgot his I.D.

    how i laughed, as he was kicked up and down the tarmac.

  10. On a Operational Readiness Task ORT in the late 80's in Germany (basically pack up the Ruskies are coming) I was outside my LAD on stag with a GPMG and had another lad across from me with his SLR. A number of officers (ORT team) approached so he shouted Halt to a pause of about a minute. They then carried on walking towards us and he shouted Halt again to a massive pause. The Major at the front shouted to him whats wrong sonny and he replied I know the password i give is HH but i cant remember the phonetic alphabet. The Major replied go on then son have a go so he replied HYENA HYENA, the officer replied WRONG have another go so he shouted out HELLO HELLO. The officers just walked past p*ssing themselves to an extremely embarrassed sentry. :D
  11. People always seem to forget that the password is the LAST means of recognition... if you know who they are then no password required.
  12. That might be down to training??? They seem to teach that you challenge everyone...
  13. that was the jock's problem, he took it literally, and when the corporal got angry (he was very pissed), jock thought it was a test!

  14. On a similar note, I was on guard one day when the Badge decided that we had to ID everyone coming into and out of bks and deny access to all persons without their MOD90.... All was kinda ok, until the ASM came storming into the guardroom to find out why he wasn't being aloud to go home 8O
  15. A relative of mine was returning to camp during WWII. The sentry being a bit of a nob hid and jumped out at the last minute causing the young woman to utter a popular expletive at the time, a bit like this:
    "Halt who goes there?"
    "Aaaah Jesus Mary & Joseph."
    " Advance the Holy Family."
    Legend has it she kneed him in his man parts and I for on believe the bitch.