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  1. My unit has recently pressured troops into handing in their passports for safekeeping after a couple of guys caused a panic by letting their passports expire prior to an overseas trip.What is the official policy on this?
  2. Unless the unit/Army paid for them, they have no right to hold them.
    Personally i'd tell em to foxtrot oscar :)
  3. Seems like the standard Army policy of treating us all like children! It makes you want to scream doesn't it?

    And I agree with the clerk tell them to take a running jump.
  4. Quite, but if people didn't continuously act like children, ie let their passports run out before overseas jaunts then maybe they wouldn't have to be treated as such. Personally I think it is a good idea, then if there is a cock up it is the fault of the admin office and not the individuals, plus it removes the hassle of having to worry about it - but then I am a lazy sod and really do want a PA :lol:
  5. at a previous unit we had to hand in our passports and give two weeks notice if we wanted them. as i runaway from the UK for the sun and home at least three time a year on leave the clearks got the arrse with me and gave it back.

    its fine for them to take your epiry date so they can remind you to renew it but it's another for them to hold on to it.
  6. I remember on Rowallan Company they used to take your passport for no reason other than to scare the sh1t out of you. They had you believing that you could be whisked away anywhere at a moments notice.
    I know of recent exchange programme nearly having to be scrapped because of the amount of people who had let their passports expire. I think some of them ended up charged, as apparently you must have at least six months remaining on your passport at all times. I think if the army want to look after your passport and keep it up to date for you, then let them crack on.
  7. Dont worry if they want you to go off to some hole they will make sure you have a passport.

    They have no rights to have your passport unless they paid for it. If you do hand it in they will lose it any way. :oops: :oops:

    Remember when you kick a tiger in the arse you better have plans for the teeth end.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  9. Just to add, I thought UNICOM kept a date and the number of your passport.

    I also thought we had annual docs inspections that would pick up passports going out of date, and call me cynical but you also have an annual verification to amend and sign.

    So why do you need to hand in your passport when the Unit already has the information to hand !!! bit like saying we want ALL your docs like birth cert, marriage, driving oh and bank details !!!

    A bit of good management and clerical work negates the need for a Unit to hold a passport.

    This thread just indicates to me that some Units are weaker than others when it comes to BASIC administration
  10. Yes, it should be held on UNICOM and there is a Data Query that can be run to tell the clerks when Passports will be approaching the 6 months before they run out.

    However, once we have finished wiping your arrse we will get you in to apply for a new one.

    Let's face it that's what your employers in civvy street would do - wouldn't they ??? :x

    It's not hard to look at it yourself and see when it runs out - is it ??
  11. The original query was:what is the official policy on units holding individuals' passports? I agree to a certain extent it is a good way of preventing the blokes from losing them(though our clerks can probably do a better job of this), and it has already been highlighted that UNICOM can notify of impending expiry dates, but I believe this to be an encroachment of individual rights-particularly in the way that pressure was applied. At least with an indication of official policy, I can tell them where to stick the passports!!!
  12. I don't know what the official policy is but in my experience, holding passports within RHQ makes sense for those personnel on Very High and High Readiness (it's one less thing for an individual to worry about). If you disagree and think that this infringes your personal rights then fine, but then if that is the case, are you sure you want really are suited to the Army?

    Two personal experiences about the need for passports on military deployments:

    1. New Year's Eve 2001 and a group of individuals turn up at South Cerney in preparation to fly to Afghanistan. All except one have passport. Said individual presents himself and is told by the Mover that he can't get on the aircraft. Result - he drives back to Colchester at eleventeen hundred miles an hour, collects passport and drives to Brize Norton where he just manages to catch the flight (car is abandoned in short term car park with keys and required a mate to collect it).

    2. A battlefield tour to Crete in the mid-90s. All arive at Lyneham at dark o'clock in the morning. All check in - passports and MOD 90 required to be seen by the RAF bod on the desk. One of our party notices that he has brought his wife's instead of his own passport. Decides to brass it out with propeller man. Result - cursory glance and allowed to board, no questions asked. We fly to Crete and land at a Greek Air Force Base - no checks.

    I don't know what this proves other than sometimes you need a passport and sometimes you don't.
  13. Not suited to the army because I'm not afraid to assert my personal rights-I'll take that as a compliment then....My beef with the unit holding passports is more to do with the pressure applied rather than the logic
  14. Is it just me or doesn't everyone else think that it is just a little teeny bit fcuking stupid for serving personnel to have to supply a valid passport when an MOD 90 is exactly the same thing but safer (in as much as if a MOD 90 holder is deploying with his unit, it is highly unlikely that he is about to claim asylum in the 1st world sh1t hole of a country that he is being sent to)

    I remember being gob smacked after volunteering for Granby when I was told that if I didn’t have a valid passport, I couldn't go. "Sorry Cpl *****, but no passport, no chance to get shot at", what a fcuking easy cop out for the more yellow streaked of our colleagues.

    Get a grip MOD, Mod 90 is just as good if not better. If we are off to invade / defend / teach the locals how to aim rifles instead of spears, why the fcuk do we need a piece of EU nasty looking paperwork to say that we are allowed in?

    I remember thinking at the time that it would have been great to have turned up in Saudi, had some shiny arse chogie Saudi customs official say "very sorry, this man can not come in, no passport", then have a General shout out "right men, everyone back on the planes, this bloke is being a cnut" and then left them to the mercies of madman insane. I wonder if saddam could use that as a defence? "No way Mr Prosecutor, the invasion was illegal as they had not got their passports stamped by my glorious customs and excise men"
  15. I agree that if we 'invade' somewhere we are unlikely to present our passports for inspection.

    What however, of the individual that has to return rapidly to the UK for compassionate or other reasons and has to return via a neighbouring or intermediate country on CIVAIR?