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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Saw a Swiss passport for the first time today. Work of bloody psychedelic art! Different detailed colour pic on every page, endpieces that you wouldn't want to look at after a couple of sherbets, embossed cover... anyone seen any other good ones...or bad ones, for that matter...I reckon the worst passport must have been the old British Visitor's job that you could get from the Post Office...little more than a strip of printed cardboard.
  2. The old italian ID card (perfectly valid for travel within Europe) was just a strip of cardboard - could do a better job with Photoshop and a home PC.

    Thankfully I think they have updated them since I had anything to do with our borders... they were tampered with easily, and often.
  3. Lots of the Injun nations in the USA issue their own passports, as below. Recognised by nobody but the militant ones keep getting themselves deported. IIRC an entire lacrosse team were denied entry at Heathrow last year because they were carrying Navaho passports instead of US ones.

    Edited to add ....

    Clucking Bell. Does anybody know how to reduce the size of inserted images?


  4. Try this for resizing ResizR - Easy online image resize
  5. The Republic of China and People's Republic of China don't recognise each other's passports as passports since they both claim to be the legitimate government of China and therefore the other's documents aren't valid. If citizens of one want to travel to the other then they have to get special 'internal travel documents' from their destination to cover them on the journey from 'Mainland Area' to 'Taiwan Area'.

    To get one of these, they need to prove their identity and the only acceptable document to prove identity? Yep, you've guessed it... If you ask nicely, I'll tell you about Kinmen Steel Knives as well.
  6. Think you'll find the new UK passport is going to be similar
    New UK passport design revealed | Mail Online
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Pray tell. I'm always on the look out for something new or unusual to add to the collection.
  8. My Anti virus threw a track on your link to the knives!
  9. Ah, Exbleep, I notice cottaging is featured on the first page.
  10. Kinmen is a small island off the coast of Fujian which the KMT managed to hold on to when they fled the mainland. They turned it into a massive gun battery and spent the first few years exchanging fire with the Red Army artillery on the mainland with the gold medal going to the Reds.

    After a bit they settled into a routine, with each side taking it in turns to fire as agreed times. Then it got restricted to each other's shoreline between high and low tide marks. When the islanders pointed out it was still interfering with the harvest, the Red Army hummed and hawed for a bit and then suggested a compromise: they stick to firing at the shore and remove the fixed time bit - coz that it would be better when some big nobs came to inspect if they could just fire a few shells straight off instead of having to bluff until 'time'. Oh, but don't worry - we'll take the fuses out first.

    Hence, Kinmen accumulated large quantities of weapons-quality steel just ready to be turned into kitchen implements by some enterprising locals.
  11. Nothing sinister from mine, but as 'tis available Youtube as well, will change the link just in case.
  12. Quaint, twee & highly unimpressive - was this a Blue Peter project?


    Clearly a subversive document encouraging overseas 'cottaging'.
  13. Why do I feel, in this day and age, considering the relative value of any Secretary of State that this country can conjour up, that any passport should be laminated, so that the spit of borderguards can easily be wiped off ?
  14. The Yank 'Benchmade Presidio' are pretty shit hot as well
  15. I collected a lost Cuban passport left in a casino the other day. It looks like my 6 year old made it in 1st grade art class.