Passports: Does Blind Pugh Have A Clue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

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    Ex-Army officer 'denied passport'

    Passport applicants must not be out of the UK for more than 90 days
    A former Army officer who served in Iraq and Kosovo is being denied a British passport, his family has said.
    Zimbabwe-born Captain Warwick Strong was turned down because he was out of the UK on duty, his father Colonel Jeremy Strong claimed.

    Passport applicants must have lived in the UK for five years, without leaving for more than 90 days in a year.

    The Home Office said the Passport Office is unable to grant documents when "nationality issues are pending".

    Capt Strong arrived in Britain in 1998 and attended Sandhurst Military Academy.

    He left the Army two months ago, after serving with the Royal Artillery for six years.

    He holds an ancestral visa, which has been renewed until October 2006.

    Capt Strong's father, from Cirencester, said his son had been denied British citizenship because he had been posted abroad while serving Britain.

    If he had worked in a bank, he would now qualify for a British passport

    Col Jeremy Strong, father

    "He's gone out to protect the interests of the country and the free world in Kosovo and Iraq and he's been denied citizenship through no fault of his own.

    "If he had worked in a bank, he would now qualify for a British passport because he would not have been outside the country for 90 days.

    "The government uses him and then when he wants something back like a passport, they say `No thank you'."

    Col Strong, who lives in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, recently approached Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for Cotswold, who is planning to raise the issue as a point of order in the House of Commons this week.

    Mr Clifton-Brown said: "When I received the details about it, I nearly hit the roof. It just seems to me so totally wrong."

    A Home Office spokesman said it could not comment on individual cases but added: "The Passport Office has no discretionary powers and has to follow rules as laid out.

    "If there is a nationality issue pending or unresolved it would not be able to grant a British passport."
  2. If the good Capt Strong got a job as the Nanny for the pending child when Blind Pughs chick whelps soon I bet his passport will sail through.

    I love the quote about there being no discressionary powers at the Passport Office. Does anyone actually believe that? Is there a single govt department where public submissions always fall correctly within the stated parameters. Bollox.
  3. Despicable! The corruption of this bunch of cnuts stinks to high heaven. Why can't the great unwashed see that they're being led by the nose.
  4. 90% of the population of the UK don't even care.
    So long as their Sky Sports & Scandal TV isn't interrupted & there are tlts on Page 3, they will feel secure in their future.
    It is well past time an intelligence test was brought in for voters.
  5. Not just for voters. In the delivery room. iUse it to decide bin or bed.
  6. I know how the ex-capt feels. Following a quarter century of service in HMF, and a few years thereafter in foreign spots earning a crust, I applied for a job closer to home with a government department. My application was rejected on the grounds that I had been out of the country for too long (five years). An East German, Albanian or Afghan, under their 'Equal Opportunities' rules, who had come into the country prior to me leaving it would have been fully eligible for consideration.
  7. News just in....

    Given all the trouble Mr Blunkett's in a the moment (visas for nannies, tanning and having kids with a married woman etc.) the Home Office has released this promotional slide show in an effort to boost his image and try and repair some of the recent 'negative press' (what we used to call damage):

    Sound needed - See what ya think.....only short, but watch until the end...
  8. Yeah its amazing how some people are more 'equal' than others! The UK government looks after everyone BUT the British people who elected bliar.